Is Moving, Disney+ Hit K-Drama, Getting a Season 2 Renewal?

Is Moving, Disney+ Hit K-Drama, Getting a Season 2 Renewal?
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Moving's writer and director weigh in.


  • Moving is a new Disney+ superhero action drama that has broken many records and earned rave reviews.
  • Fans are hoping for a continuation of the story of three superpowered teens and their parents.
  • The original source material, which includes stories before and after the events of the show, makes this possible.
  • While the studio has yet to renew the series for Season 2, its writer and director have said in separate interviews that the sequel is possible.

Disney+ has hit the jackpot with its new original South Korean fantasy action drama Moving. Since its premiere just over two months ago, the show has broken numerous records and garnered all kinds of praise from critics, fans and casual viewers for its phenomenal attention to detail, impeccable acting, gripping plot and perfect pacing.

Moving takes on an atypical genre for K-dramaland. It is a superhero series about three high school students who find out that they are genetically endowed with supernatural abilities. But this becomes a curse for them and their parents when a sinister organization starts hunting them down.

Producing the most expensive K-drama in history has paid off for the studio. In its premiere week, the 20-episode series became the most viewed Korean show worldwide and in the United States, where it streams on Hulu.

With such money-making qualities and buzz surrounding the show, it is natural to expect Disney to greenlight at least one more season of Moving. The ending of Season 1 makes that possible.

While fans wait for the studio to make an official announcement, the show's creators have already weighed in. And they sound pretty positive about the possibility of a sequel.

Writer and director keep doors open for Moving Season 2

Moving is based on the webtoon by Kang Full. And the author has also written the show, which has become his first work on a TV script.

In the adaptation, Full has covered one of his webtoons, but there are others set in the same universe, providing plenty of source material for the second season and beyond. And the writer is ready for the challenge.

‘The webtoon already has stories before and after [the drama takes place]. I think there is a possibility. It is not certain,’ Full recently told Korean YouTube channel MMTG when asked if Season 2 was in the cards via Soompi.

Director Park In-je also mentioned that the show has a lot of original source material that can be adapted for the small screen, and stressed that he would be up for a sequel should Disney greenlight it.

‘If I were to helm the series once again, what I can say is that I will show you a much-upgraded version of everything you saw in season one,’ he told The Hollywood Reporter in September.

Well, that sounds promising. Fingers crossed, the studio is not going to pass up a great opportunity to treat us to the next chapter of their smash hit and break new records in the process.

Source: Soompi, The Hollywood Reporter.

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