Is Homelander Faster Than A-Train in The Boys?

Is Homelander Faster Than A-Train in The Boys?
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Fans are wondering what will happen when the two prominent Supes engage in combat.

The Boys universe is rife with incredible superhumans capable of almost anything — and most of them use their powers for no good, killing innocent people and serving evil corporations. The most famous Supe in the Amazon Prime series, Homelander is also far from being a good guy, and his powers appear to be so great, he is presented as almost a godlike figure.

But is Homelender really that invincible, and can the fastest man on Earth, A-Train, beat him with his speed? In a Reddit discussion, fans tried to find answers to these questions.

The general opinion was that if Homelander were to run on his feet against A-Train, the blonde megalomaniac wouldn't stand a chance. Even though he was a total jerk, A-Train did practice hard to run as fast as he did, reaching the peak of his form and breaking many speed records.

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From the series, we know that the speedster's personal best was 830 miles per hour. Homelander certainly couldn't compete with him on the running track — but if the Supes decided to have a speed contest where Homelander flew and A-Train ran, that would be a completely different matter.

Like Superman, Homelander spends a lot of time in the air, reacting to global disasters and moving from one part of the globe to another in a flash. During the search for the missing Translucent in season one, a surveillance camera tracked Homelander's speed as he was flying over the city: about 1,522 miles per hour.

Yes, that's almost double the speed of A-Train! And that's not to mention that Homelander can probably achieve much higher figures if he were in a contest situation — so A-Train would definitely be defeated by the leader of The Seven.

Homelander has earned his place as one of the world's greatest superheroes because of the mad skills that he has, and as fans found once again, those incredible powers are unmatched by any of his fellow Supes.