Is Chris McNally Leaving When Calls the Heart After Season 10?

Is Chris McNally Leaving When Calls the Heart After Season 10?
Image credit: Hallmark Channel

The time to panic has not yet come.

Among the many characters on When Calls the Heart, Chris McNally's Lucas Bouchard definitely stands out. Since his first appearance in Season 6, Lucas has had a long and well-developed arc from Hope Valley businessman to Elizabeth Thatcher's fiancé and the love of many viewers.

The character's gentlemanly, kindhearted, loving, selfless and encouraging attitude towards Elizabeth has stolen the hearts of many viewers. And now fans of the character are worried that he might leave the show after the current Season 10.

Lucas runs for governor

Season 10 introduces high stakes for the show's idyllic town. Hope Valley and the surrounding areas are in danger of losing the resources they need to survive. The only way to stop this is for Lucas to win the race for governor. And there's no way that's not going to happen.

But if Lucas is to become the new governor, he will have to move to the capital, which was never Elizabeth's intention. In fact, in the last episode, Elizabeth told Lucas that she would not be leaving Hope Valley, but that she wanted him to continue his campaign for governor.

Sounds awfully like a break-up talk, doesn't it?

Is this the end for Chris McNally?

Of course, such a development could not help but worry many Hearties who are not quite ready to see the back of Lucas.

Fortunately, we have proof that Chris McNally will not be leaving the Hallmark Channel drama after Season 10. As you know, Season 11 has been filming since July. And the cast is regularly sharing pictures from the sets and spending time together.

In August, Jack Wagner, who plays Bill Avery, published a photo on Instagram with his co-stars Kevin McGarry and Chris McNally. Judging by the adorable post, the actors were enjoying their time off from filming Season 11.

The most important thing for us in this picture is that McNally is there. And why would he be if he was not part of Season 11?

So keep your chins up, dear Hearties, as Episode 12 of Season 10 approaches. Even if Lucas leaves Hope Valley in the finale, it will not be the last time we see him.

The season finale of When Calls the Heart airs Sunday, October 15 at 9pm ET on the Hallmark Channel.

Will you miss Lucas Bouchard if he leaves Hope Valley?