Is Beth's Daddy Devotion a Twisted Trauma Tale? Yellowstone Star Weighs In

Is Beth's Daddy Devotion a Twisted Trauma Tale? Yellowstone Star Weighs In
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Yellowstone is not just a Western about the owners of Montana's largest ranch, but a drama about the trials of fate.

It is attempts to hold on to family ties, to strengthen one's position in life and, of course, to deal with one's own psychological traumas.

Sometimes this leads to unhealthy attachments that make the characters' fates more tragic, if not more relatable. But intrigues within the Dutton family and by ill-wishers only lead to dire consequences and punishment. And no one is more capable of vengeance against family threats than Beth Dutton.

Beth, played by Kelly Reilly, is overprotective, especially of her father, John Dutton (Kevin Costner). She is not only devoted to him, but rather obsessed with safeguarding her family and their ranch. And according to the actress, the reason lies in how deeply traumatized her character is.

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In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Reilly shared her thoughts on Beth's role in the events of the series and what motivates her actions.

The actress noted that Beth was deeply traumatized by events from her childhood. Her mother, Evelyn Dutton, took young Beth and Kayce for a horseback ride. But the moment the girl faltered, Evelyn's horse fell with her, pinning her to the ground. In her final moments, Evelyn told Beth that she was responsible for what had happened. It's hard to imagine the feelings of a child who blames herself for her mother's death.

"I think there is some unconscious part of Beth really trying desperately to compensate for that loss, and she never will," Reilly contemplates.

From that moment on, in an unconscious search for redemption, Beth spent the rest of her life trying to prove to herself that she had indeed always protected the family and that it was not her fault. Needless to say, it wasn't. Nevertheless, there will always remain a burden of guilt that prevents her from showing healthy devotion and love.

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The tragedy is that Beth, who can't stop hating herself, is unlikely to ever feel a sense of redemption, which will always affect her relationship with her own family and the miscommunication between them.