Is a Modern Family Reboot Possible? The Show's Star Weighs In

Is a Modern Family Reboot Possible? The Show's Star Weighs In
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Her answer is far from definitive.


  • Modern Family remains one of the most popular contemporary sitcoms.
  • Though they miss each other, the show's stars aren't ready to reunite for a reboot.
  • There are other ways to honor the sitcom and please fans.

When it premiered in 2009, Modern Family was an instant hit, following in the footsteps of another mockumentary classic, The Office. However, the two shows couldn't have been more different, as unlike the latter, the former was a family sitcom.

Centered around the large and hectic Pritchett-Dunphy family, the ABC mockumentary won over audiences with its warm atmosphere, lighthearted humor, and relatable characters. Throughout Modern Family's eleven-season run, viewers became invested in the characters who still hold a special place in every fan's heart. So naturally, it was heartbreaking to say goodbye to the show when it ended in 2020. And of course, there has been talk of rebooting MF ever since.

Are you ready for a Modern Family revival?

The Gloria Delgado-Pritchett Actress on Reviving the Show

Although Sofia Vergara has been pretty busy since Modern Family ended - the actress has been a judge on America's Got Talent, divorced her longtime husband, and produced and starred in the upcoming Netflix series Griselda – she's very nostalgic about the ABC mockumentary.

'We finished Modern Family in 2020 and, you know, it was so emotional. We were all like, "We have to be together a lot. We cannot just separate." And then two weeks later, the pandemic hit. And so we didn't see each other for almost – I mean, it's going to be four years – until I did this thing [reunion party] in my house in November [of 2023],' Sofia Vergara shed light on her separation from her MF co-stars. 'It was weird. It was crazy, because we were together eleven years, five days a week.'

However, the fan-favorite Modern Family star doesn't think it's the right time for a reboot just yet.

'No, it's only been four years,' Sofia Vergara said when she was asked if the cast was planning on getting together for a revival. 'It doesn't seem right. I feel like we need a little more time.'

Small Steps to Test the Water

At the same time, the actress thinks that while a full-scale reboot is unlikely at this point, a Modern Family holiday special would be a great idea. Well, the show's fans certainly wouldn't mind. The question is, which holiday could this special episode be dedicated to? There are so many of them...

Anyway, the audience is most excited about anything that has to do with the beloved ABC sitcom, be it a revival or a simple holiday special.

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