How Much Time Passed Between Season 1 and 2 on Bridgerton?

Image credit: Legion-Media

Following the release of Bridgerton's season two, viewers have fallen deeper in love with the show's characters — young aristocrats looking for love during the British Regency era.

While the characters' storylines have found a logical development in the second season, people wondered about just how much time has passed in the series' fictional world between the events in seasons one and two.

Here's the fans' investigation summarized.

Initially, it was assumed that the two seasons were one year apart, but then some of the details have caused viewers to question this timing.

First, Daphne and Simon's son looks quite grown-up at the beginning of season two, leaving fans in doubt as to how much time has passed after his birth in season one finale. Phoebe Dynevor, who played Daphne, said that her character's baby is meant to be around six months old at the start of season two.

So if Daphne conceived in early August 1813, her due date was in April 1814, but here we need to take some liberties and assume the baby was born prematurely in March. This still doesn't explain why the boy looks older than he is, and the showrunners came up with an answer to address fans' concerns.

According to them, though Bridgerton seems to take place in spring, the social season actually begins in November.

Also, viewers found it strange that Daphne's younger sister, Eloise, appears in Bridgerton's season two, despite the fact that she's only a few years younger than Daphne. However, this detail is not hard to explain: Eloise was probably expected to come out as a debutante at the same time as her sister, but the girl was allowed to postpone her entrance into society because of her open disdain for romance and the idea of looking for the perfect partner.

It seems that there's no exact age for when girls should debut since 21-year-old Daphne came out in the same year as Penelope, who is even older than her.

We also know that debutante seasons always start at about the same time every year, which once again suggests that the show's seasons one and two are about ten or so months apart.

So despite the confusion over the debutantes and the age of Simon and Daphne's baby, it's still possible to determine the time interval between the two seasons, and that's still less than a year. It's likely that the showrunners didn't really think through all the nuances to ensure the events match the series' timing — but even with these minor inconsistencies, fans are still happy with another great season of the show, which allowed them to catch up with their beloved characters.