How Many Average Supes Would It Take to Finally Kill Homelander?

Image credit: Legion-Media

The show's main villain is perceived as a serious threat, but some fans argue that he's not as tough as people think.

Amazon Prime's adult take on the clichéd superhero formula premiered to huge viewership numbers and glowing reviews from fans thanks in no small part to Antony Starr, who played the psychopathic Homelander, The Boys’ answer to Superman. Starr's unparalleled charisma and his character's penchant for excessive violence firmly established Homelander's reputation as one of the greatest villains television has ever seen.

Despite trying to kill this bad guy for three seasons now, Billy Butcher and his team still can't even properly hurt Homelander. How many more superhumans does it take to end the life of this lunatic?

Discussing this on Reddit, fans began to wonder if Homelander is really as untouchable as everyone thinks, claiming that most of his kills happened because people wouldn't confront him because of his reputation. Black Noir died because he was afraid to fight Homelander, even though he was almost as strong as his opponent.

If some of the strongest supes including the likes of Butcher, Maeve and Starlight get together to destroy him, they might have a chance against the leader of the Seven. After all, Soldier Boy was on the verge of killing him in season three, so why can't other strong superhumans do this?

Some viewers even suggest the exact number of supes it will take to kill Homelander, with the most mentioned number being 7. It would be perfectly ironic for the writers to kill their main villain in this way, reminding Homelander of his tenure as leader of the Seven, the richest team of superheroes in The Boys universe.

Despite the anticipation of Homelander's imminent demise, fans are fully confident that only the best of the best can fight the villain, as ordinary superheroes with questionable superpowers will be killed in an instant.

However, a small minority of fans do not believe that Amazon will kill Homelander at all, since he has become a cash cow for them, bringing more and more viewers to the show. According to this vocal minority, he should have been killed back in season two, but Starr's impressive acting has allowed him to remain on the show, and the writers have given him invisible plot armor to protect him from any harm.