Hot Take: OFMD Season 2 Used Kate Bush Better Than Stranger Things Did

Hot Take: OFMD Season 2 Used Kate Bush Better Than Stranger Things Did
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Kate Bush breaks hearts again.

'I should be crying but I just can't let it show,' sang Kate Bush, and that's a sentiment shared by Our Flag Means Death fans. Only three episodes have been dropped but we're already screaming from excitement and heart-stopping drama. We should really be praying to David Jenkins and Co. because you don't even need headcanons to be overwhelmed by the emotional maelstrom that is OFMD.

Season 2 follows Rhys Darby's Stede Bonnet and his reconstituted underdog crew, this time in search of the Revenge with their remaining friends on board and, of course, Taika Waititi's Blackbeard. It probably wouldn't be much of a spoiler to say that the pirate romantic duo was reunited, but the way it happened... no, you really have to see it for yourself.

Adding to the drama was Kate Bush's song, an incredibly good choice that was far superior to Stranger Things.

Perfect needle drop (it's truly criminal)

After Stede found Edward unconscious below deck, the latter had a vision of him drowning in the ocean — his self-hatred, catalyzed by Stede's departure, led to a desire to finally leave this world. But fate smiled on Blackbeard: out of nowhere came the voice of Stede, who a moment later appeared in the form of a merman goldfish, swimming up to his lover with open arms. At that moment, Ed woke up.

It seems to be one of the most dramatic sequences in television history, but it wouldn't be so powerful if it wasn't for the Kate Bush song 'This Woman's Work' playing in the background.

This turned out to be a poignant reiteration of the song: although its central theme is childbirth, it is primarily about attachment to a lover and the fear of loss. These were the emotions Stede felt as he hoped his friend would find the strength to return to the world.

How did the creators come up with that?

Pop culture has finally fallen in love with Kate Bush, and we are indescribably happy. Previously, the song 'Running Up That Hill' was used in Stranger Things, with Max becoming the song's lyrical speaker as she confronts her traumas and fears.

'From what I heard from David [Jenkins], it was a song that Taika was attached to,' music supervisor Maggie Phillips said.

No one could deliver as much emotion as the OFMD team.

'You're waiting for them to have their romantic moment. You're waiting for three episodes for that to happen. And so it's so cathartic when that song comes on, and you see them come together in this fantasy world under the sea. It’s just perfect.'

Source: TV Insider.