Here's Why Bold & Beautiful Fans Hate Charlie So Much

Image credit: Legion-Media

Dick Christie's character is certainly far from being the worst character in the series, but fans seem to dislike him the most.

CBS's most popular soap opera about the Forrester family and their haute couture business is still going strong, despite having been on the air for almost four decades. The strong cast and masterful chemistry between the actors have contributed greatly to B&B's lasting success, and the new storylines emerging each year only add to fans' abiding interest in the show.

But despite all the praise the series has received over the years, viewers agree there are some questionable moments and characters, the most notable of which is Charlie Webber.

First appearing in 2013, this soft-spoken security guard immediately felt like one of the lousiest candidates for guarding an extremely expensive diamond.

Charlie is constantly distracted, unable to manage risks or identify threats. But just because he's bad at his job doesn't mean Charlie is a bad character, right? Of course not, but unfortunately, he doesn't boast an interesting personality to make up for his professional shortcomings.

Discussing this problematic character on Reddit, fans expressed their hard feelings about Charlie's unenviable role on the series as he is constantly being taken advantage of, incapable of standing up for himself.

Viewers grew tired of sympathizing with him and now just feel annoyed with Charlie's antics. While Dick Christie is certainly not to blame for his character's failure, people accuse the show's writers, arguing that if more time had been spent on the script, he could develop into a funny and lovable character — instead of the corny punching bag that he is now.

In fact, fans' annoyance with Charlie is so great, some even admit that they skip all the scenes involving him. It seems that if the creators of B&B want to keep their show successful, they definitely need to do something about this character, as viewers are extremely weary of watching him trying to be clever and failing every time.