Here's How to Read When Calls the Heart Books in Correct Order

Here's How to Read When Calls the Heart Books in Correct Order
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Let's take a trip to the western frontier of Canada in the early 20th century, this time through the medium of print.

If you're a fan of Hallmark's When Calls the Heart, you're likely experiencing mixed feelings at the moment. On one hand, the intrigue surrounding the Season 10 finale, slated for this Sunday, October 15, is palpable. We're all eager to see what lies in store for Elizabeth Thatcher and the other residents of Hope Valley.

On the other hand, the finale signals the beginning of another long hiatus. Filming for Season 11 is already underway, and, unlike many TV shows these days, it's likely to premiere next year without any delays. But waiting is still waiting, isn't it?

Don't lose heart, dear Hearties. We know exactly how to keep you occupied while you wait for the arrival of Season 11 of When Calls the Heart. Dive into the books set in the beloved universe.

Show Based on Book Series

The story behind the creation of When Calls the Heart is nearly as interesting as the show itself. The journey began with the six-book Canadian West series, penned by Janette Oke.

The series narrates the tale of a cultured young woman, Elizabeth Thatcher, who relocates to a small town on the Canadian frontier in the early 20th century to teach at the local school. She grapples with survival in the harsh new environment but encounters a dashing RCMP officer, Wynn Delaney, who aids her adaptation and eventually becomes her life partner.

Their wedding, married life, and relocation to an even more remote settlement are detailed in Books 2, 3, and 4. Books 5 and 6 revolve around the romantic tales of Elizabeth and Wynn's son and daughter.

The first novel in the series, published in 1983, inspired the 2013 Hallmark movie When Calls the Heart. This film subsequently spawned our favorite TV series, which debuted in 2014.

While the show is only loosely based on the novel series, the creators ensured that Janette Oke was involved in the adaptation process. She helped them create a new character, the niece of the original Elizabeth Thatcher, who not only inherits her aunt's name but also follows in her footsteps by moving out to Hope Valley to work as a teacher.

Show Inspires New Book Series

The project inspired the author so much that she wrote another series about the new character and her experiences in Hope Valley (known as Coal Valley in the novels). Her love story with Jack Thornton is entitled Return to the Canadian West. Oke's daughter, Laurel Oke Logan, co-authored the three new books.

The Return to the Canadian West series differs greatly from the show but retains the same ambiance. So, while they wait for Season 11, Hearties can immerse themselves in the beloved universe, this time through print, and perhaps gain a deeper understanding of their favorite characters.

Here's the recommended order in which to read the When Calls the Heart books.

Canadian West series (about Elizabeth Thatcher, the aunt, and her children)

  1. When Calls the Heart, 1983

  2. When Comes the Spring, 1985

  3. When Breaks the Dawn, 1985

  4. When Hope Springs New, 1986

  5. Beyond the Gathering Storm, 1999

  6. When Tomorrow Comes, 2000

Return to the Canadian West series (about Elizabeth Thatcher, the niece)

  1. Where Courage Calls, 2014

  2. Where Trust Lies, 2015

  3. Where Hope Prevails, 2016

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