Here's How Much Money Matthew Gray Gubler Made From Criminal Minds

Here's How Much Money Matthew Gray Gubler Made From Criminal Minds
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A popular role in Criminal Minds brought the actor an impressive income.


  • Dr. Spencer Reid remains one of the most favorite characters on Criminal Minds.
  • Such impressive popularity has brought the actor not only fame, but also a huge annual income.
  • Now Gubler is not only a multi-millionaire, but also a multi-hyphenate.

Matthew Gray Gubler is not only a television darling, but also an incredibly successful person. He is a great actor, director and producer, painter, writer and visual artist, and even a former successful model.

There seems to be nothing he can't do! And in many ways, the opportunity to be such a prolific creator, whose fame extends far beyond Hollywood, came thanks to his participation in the CBS police procedural Criminal Minds.

Gubler has been a part of the original show since its inception, appearing in almost every episode. And during the show's 15-year run, his character, the shy but genius BAU member Dr. Spencer Reid, gained immense popularity, earning the actor unprecedented fan support and skyrocketing his career. Gubler now has an impressive multi-million dollar net worth, but let's take a look at how much of that is due to his involvement with Criminal Minds.

Criminal Minds Salary

BAU's Supervisory Special Agent Spence Reid appeared in almost every episode from Season 1 through Season 15. In fact, we love the character so much that we are still hoping for his return in the show's revival, Evolution. Reid was finally released from the hospital, regained consciousness, and there was even a hint in the storyline that he could return to the BAU if he wanted to.

It's unknown how big his salary was for the first seven seasons, but according to Celebrity Net Worth, he was paid $100,000 per episode from 2012 to 2016, meaning he earned about $11.5 million. Since Season 13, his pay went up to $150,000 per episode, and combined with syndication income, his annual earnings for the show was an insane $3.5 million to $4 million.

Gubler's Lucrative Career

As we said, Matthew Gray Gubler is an incredibly creative person whose work is not limited to acting. In addition to his roles in films and TV series, he has directed documentaries and parodies, as well as 12 episodes of Criminal Minds.

In addition, Gubler has established himself as an accomplished artist whose paintings have been exhibited in galleries and published in magazines. These same skills, coupled with his writing skills, allowed him to write and illustrate the bestselling children's book Rumple Buttercup. In addition, his new book, The Little Kid with Green Hands, was released in September.

Such a diverse creative activity of the actor has allowed him to accumulate an impressive net worth of $10 million. Hopefully, Gubler will continue to delight us with new projects and will certainly appear in future seasons of Criminal Minds: Evolution.

Source: Celebrity Net Worth.