Haven't Seen The Marvels Yet? Brie Larson Offers a Reason to Watch It ASAP

Haven't Seen The Marvels Yet? Brie Larson Offers a Reason to Watch It ASAP
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The movie has a lot to fascinate you with, the actress says.


  • The Marvels debuted on 10th November.
  • The film's star is in awe of the production.
  • The movie has performed quite well despite various speculations.

Although this year has been rich in high-profile releases, Marvel has just made it even richer with the release of The Marvels on Friday. Following three superheroes who are mysteriously bound together, the film expands the already vast MCU as Captain Marvel, Ms Marvel and Monica Rambeau embark on a cosmic journey to find out what causes them to switch places every time they try to use their powers.

Interestingly, The Marvels didn't seem to be much anticipated prior to its release. Perhaps people were tired of the eponymous studio's releases that year. But it seems that the new film has a lot of intriguing features. Brie Larson, who stars in the film, says it's worth seeing for one reason alone.

A Mind-Boggling Story

With the SAG-AFTRA strike over, actors are now allowed to promote their new projects. So Larson recently appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to talk about The Marvels. When the host reminded the actress of her initial reaction to the film's script, she assured him and the audience that she still feels the same way.

'Oh, yeah, that's [the movie script] bonkers,' Brie Larson said.

As much as the actress wanted to share her fascination with the new movie, she had to be tight-lipped about it.

'I mean, it's been, like, a while now. And I can't believe I have to hold the secret. It's absurd. I mean, there have been things every day that we were filming when I was like, "If my friends only knew what I was doing right now…" I had to learn all new skill sets. There was a lot… We go to planets that are… pretty cool,' was all that she could reveal.

Still, it seems to be enough information to get viewers interested in The Marvels again. A few days after the interview, we can see that Larson's teasing has proved beneficial to the premiere.

A Staggering Result Despite a Grim Prognosis

As The Marvels is the studio's fourth film to be released in 2023, many expected it to bomb, grossing around $50-70 million in its opening weekend. But the $220 million budget giant has now made $110 million, and it doesn't seem to be stopping. Needless to say, fans are loving the movie so far.

'The Marvels was the best movie after such a long week to unwind with. It made me so happy to see these actors having so much fun and kicking butt together on so many crazy sets and I especially can't wait to see more of Iman Vellani's Ms. Marvel. Her infectious energy can truly save the world!' one YouTube user wrote.

In this light, The Marvels might as well be more financially successful than some other 2023 Marvel releases.

Source: YouTube.