Harry Potter: 6 Deleted Scenes That Would Have Changed Everything

Harry Potter: 6 Deleted Scenes That Would Have Changed Everything
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The Harry Potter franchise is one of the most beloved book and film series of all time.

The magical world created by J.K. Rowling captured the hearts of millions of readers and viewers worldwide. However, like most film adaptations, not everything from the books made it to the big screen. Some of these cuts were understandable, but some were downright criminal.

Here are six deleted scenes from the Harry Potter films that would have changed everything.

1. Chamber of Secrets: The Borgin and Burke Scene

Unfortunately, a much longer scene of Borgin and Burke in Chamber of Secrets was cut from the film. This scene shows extra details of Harry's time in Knockturn Alley after he arrives accidentally by floo powder. Lucius Malfoy and Draco can be seen arriving at the shop and selling 'embarrassing' dark magic items secretly as Harry watches from his hiding place.

What's great about this scene is that it indicates Lucius and Draco's genuine dysfunctional relationship much earlier in the series. Adding much more depth to the Malfoy family and their characterisation. The audience might have gained more respect and understanding for Draco if they had left this scene in the film.

It also discretely introduces the vanishing cabinet, foreshadowing the events of the later movies.

2. Goblet of Fire: Snape and Karkaroff at the Ball

Another loss from the franchise was a scene of Karkaroff confronting Snape at the ball, which was also regrettably cut. As well as seeing Snape amusingly catch students making out in the shadowy corners of the castle, Karkaroff questions Snape over recent concerning events.

A similar, much shorter scene was added instead of this in the movie. Yet this version also gives the viewer the first suspicion of Moody, who can be seen skulking suspiciously in the background. This version of the scene would have fleshed out the middle of the film better, allowing the tension of the events to build more naturally.

3. Goblet of Fire: The Follow-Up Common Room Scene

A follow-up common room scene between Harry, Ron, and Hermione, set after the discovery of Crouch's murder, was cut entirely. This scene shows their reactions to recent events and Ron and Hermione's genuine concern for Harry and the rest of the tournament. It also adds more weight to Crouch's death, which feels almost insignificant during the rest of the film. Keeping this scene in the film would have really raised the stakes heading towards the movie's end. Letting viewers subtly know how things were likely about to kick off.

4. Half-Blood Prince: Harry & Dumbledore Leaving the Cave

A brief scene was cut between Harry/Dumbledore leaving the cave and arriving at Hogwarts. This scene shows Dumbledore still recovering from the effects of the trial to collect the Horcrux.

As they shuffle out of the cave, Harry seems concerned for Dumbledore's well-being, encouraging him as he helps him along. Dumbledore gives a touching response, saying, 'I am not worried, Harry. I am with you.' This 20-second clip reveals the enormous affection and respect the two characters have for each other.

5. Deathly Hallows - Part 1: Harry and Petunia's Final Conversation

The final conversation between Harry and Petunia in Deathly Hallows - Part 1 was a massive loss being cut from the film. In the final scene of the Dursley home, Petunia shows her grief at having to move her family, as Harry explains the danger to them if they stay. However, she gives a surprising response when she reveals she is more than aware of the threat the Death Eaters pose.

For maybe the first time in the franchise, she expresses her upset at losing her sister (Harry's mother) to Lord Voldemort. This scene shows Petunia in an entirely new light, and her relationship with Lily is finally expressed in greater detail. Maybe she cared much more about Harry and his parents than she ever let on.

6. Deathly Hallows - Part 2: Remus and Tonks' final moment

Much of the story around Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks' relationship was significantly downplayed in the movies, including several vital scenes between the two characters which were left out.

Sadly one significant scene which was cut included a final moment between the couple before they are killed in the battle of Hogwarts.

Although the scene is short, the bond between Lupin and Tonks has been important to the fans. Including this scene in the final movie would have shown the relevance of their shared sacrifice, mainly because of their now orphaned child, Teddy, whom they left behind.