Hair-Raising Close Calls: 6 Celebs Who Nearly Avoided Fatal Accidents

Image credit: Legion-Media

They were one step away from the great beyond.

Anne Hathaway

While vacationing in Hawaii with her husband, Anne decided to practice her swimming skills, but it almost cost the girl her life. She swam too far and got caught in a strong current that carried her away from the shore.

Exhausted, she started drowning. It would have been a tragic end had not a surfer noticed her struggling and rushed to her aid. The man pulled the actress back to the shore and administered first aid.

Charlize Theron

During the filming of Æon Flux, the actress played a very active role with many scenes requiring a stuntman. However, Charlize decided that she wanted to do all of the stunts on her own.

However, the star proved that her self-confidence was wrong: on one of the shooting days, while performing a difficult jump, she failed to land correctly and fell on her neck. Fortunately, there was no fracture, but she slipped a disc, and was only a centimeter away from being completely paralyzed for the rest of her life.

Leonardo DiCaprio

The Oscar-winning actor has faced death several times. Once, he decided to try something unusual and went into the ocean in a cage to swim with sharks. Suddenly, the cage was overturned by a powerful wave and the actor got extremely close to the sea predator.

Fortunately, everything turned out fine. Another time, the actor decided to jump with a parachute, but the lines got tangled at the most inopportune moment. Only luck saved the actor from certain death.

Kate Winslet

An unpleasant incident happened to the star during the shooting of Titanic. According to the script, her character had to dive into the water to open a gate.

After the dive, the actress got stuck in the equipment and could not come up. Kate's colleagues on the set admired her believable performance, while the actress was really drowning! Fortunately, all was well and the star was able to free herself.

Jason Statham

In the movies, Jason always gets the role of the tough guy who can get out of any trouble. Once the actor even managed to prove that he is a fearless hero not only on the screen, but also in real life.

During the shooting of The Expendables 3 a truck driven by Jason fell into the sea due to a brake failure. The truck began sinking rapidly, but the actor did not panic. He managed to open the door and swam out from a depth of more than 20 meters! His passion for diving saved his life.

Drew Barrymore

The actress and her ex-husband Tom Green almost died in a fire.

One day, while the spouses were sleeping, their house caught fire. Thankfully, the dog managed to wake up the couple in time. Fortunately, Drew and Tom were able to leave the house, which burned down within minutes despite the efforts of firefighters.