Grey's Anatomy's Biggest Betrayal: 3 Characters We Still Can't Believe They Wrote Out

Image credit: ABC

There were many wonderful characters in the medical drama, but not all of them got a satisfactory conclusion to their stories.

The ABC medical drama about a group of doctors trying to cure their patients while juggling their romantic relationships has been a hit since its first season in 2005. Shonda Rhimes hired a bunch of talented performers and writers to make a successful show, and her determination paid off tenfold as Grey's Anatomy became a highly influential and beloved series.

But like any other show with many seasons under its belt, Grey's Anatomy went through many changes in the main cast, with some of the fan-favorite actors suddenly leaving and new ones taking their place.

And some characters were written out completely unexpectedly, making longtime viewers feel betrayed. Here are three striking examples of this:

Cristina Yang

Sandra Oh's character was one of the original interns introduced in the series' pilot, and she quickly became one of the most beloved of the bunch. Throughout the 10 seasons, Cristina was the heart of the series, developing beautifully from one season to the next, and her storylines never seemed stale or uninspired.

Although Cristina was often scolded for her lack of emotions, she was certainly a strong role model, so her departure from the series was a big blow to fans.

Izzie Stevens

Katherine Heigl's character is still disliked by many fans, but no one can deny that her storyline could have been much better if it had been allowed to develop for a bit more than she got. By the end of her five-season run on Grey's Anatomy, Izzie was already showing signs of becoming a kinder and more caring person, so when her redemption arc was cut short, many fans felt cheated.

Ellis Grey

Meredith's mother and an incredibly accomplished surgeon herself, Ellis always seemed like the perfect mentor for all the series' interns, so the decision by the writers to cut her out of the series with Alzheimer's disease was always seen as a huge disappointment.

The dynamic between the talented daughter and her mother would have been wonderful, but it just wasn't meant to be. A huge missed opportunity, fans claim.