Glen Powell and Gigi Paris No Longer a Thing, Split After 3 Years Together

Glen Powell and Gigi Paris No Longer a Thing, Split After 3 Years Together
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Only time will tell if the drama is on the rise or dying down.

Well, folks, this is what we've all suspected for weeks. We now officially know that actor Glen Powell and his now ex-girlfriend have split up, and according to several sources, it happened a few weeks ago.

We previously wrote about the intriguing drama unfolding among Powell, his then-girlfriend, model Gigi Paris, and actress Sydney Sweeney.

Fans began to suspect something was amiss after seeing intimate photos on Sweeney and Powell's Instagram and cryptic and ambiguous messages in Paris' posts. Now, some of that speculation has been confirmed.

Furthermore, the model unfollowed the Euphoria star on Instagram, leading people to believe that her action might be related to her boyfriend and the actress—who met on the set of the upcoming rom-com Anyone But You—spending time together. However, some sources told People that Gigi Paris and the Top Gun: Maverick actor broke up long before she visited him in Australia.

According to the same sources, the reason for the breakup was not a love triangle. The conflict began in 2022, during Powell's filming of the Top Gun sequel, and was related to the challenges of maintaining a healthy relationship while constantly apart. Powel having to be away for another extended period was the final straw.

Glen Powell and Gigi Paris began dating less than three years ago, in 2020 but didn't publicly announce their relationship until Valentine's Day in 2021.

After that, the couple started posting cute photos and liking each other's Instagram posts. It should be said, though, that the current breakup seems to be amicable.

As for whether this is about the actor's close friendship with Sweeney, the same People sources noted, 'This had nothing to do with Glen and Sydney. Gigi is aware that Glen and Sydney never hooked up.'

We're inclined to give this statement the benefit of the doubt, as it's only natural to be friends with someone you spend so much time with on set. However, many fans have made a convincing argument that their posts and body language in the photos seem a little too intimate for 'just friends'. Perhaps it was just PR for the upcoming rom-com!

Source: People.