Girl Next Door's Danielle is 40 & Gorgeous: See Elisha Cuthbert's Transformation

Girl Next Door's Danielle is 40 & Gorgeous: See Elisha Cuthbert's Transformation
Image credit: Legion-Media

Meet the conqueror of teenage hearts of the 00s!

Many people probably remember the romantic comedy The Girl Next Door, which tells the story of a high school student falling in love with his neighbor, Danielle, who turns out to be a former porn star. Oh, those teen comedies of the noughties — the producers made no small money off of sexual obsession!

But now, nineteen years after the film's release, some fans are wondering about what happened to the actress who played the film's central character.

Elisha Cuthbert, who portrayed Danielle, is no longer one of Hollywood's top actresses, but it's too early to write her off. The star's career hasn't slowed down — in fact, it has begun to pick up steam again. And in her 40s, Elisha's charm and sex appeal are even more striking!

One of the most magnificent actresses of the era, Elisha was born in 1982. She began her career on Canadian television, hosting the show Popular Mechanics for Kids. Then she starred in Lucky Girl, for which she received the Canadian Gemini Award.

This was the actress' real breakthrough, allowing her to enter Hollywood. In 2001, Elisha landed a major role in the cult series 24, playing Kim Bauer. She starred in the show until Season 8, which ensured her US-wide fame and further boosted her career.

After that, the actress was cast as Danielle in The Girl Next Door, becoming a universally recognized sex symbol. Cuthbert then went on to star in the award-winning horror films House of Wax and Captivity, forever cementing her cult status as a scream queen.

So what does the actress do now? In 2022, she returned to her status as queen of horror, appearing in The Cellar. In the same year, Elisha appeared in the Canadian movie Bandit alongside Mel Gibson and Josh Duhamel.

Most recently, the actress played the role of a playwright with drinking problems who had her play stolen in Friday Afternoon in the Universe. The new comedy film is already in pre-production.

In 2023, Elisha Cuthbert still looks irresistible and seems to have only gotten more gorgeous over the years. The star is married to Canadian hockey player Dion Phaneuf, and the couple has two children. Fans wish the beloved actress success in her professional and personal life and can't wait to see her on screen again!