Ginny & Georgia: Why Did Press Save Ginny?

Ginny & Georgia: Why Did Press Save Ginny?
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In the 2nd episode of Season 1, the showrunners of Ginny & Georgia provided us with an unexpected scene: Press supposedly saved Ginny from an awkward situation, and the viewers didn’t expect it from a character like him.

It was Ginny's first time in Brodie's basement, where everyone was smoking pot and chatting casually, and she started talking about her favourite versions of A Star is Born. New friends obviously didn’t share her enthusiasm since they didn’t have the same interests, and the situation immediately turned out to be extremely uncomfortable.

With one simple phrase, Press eased the tension of the moment which in fact wasn’t in his character at all.

"I remember my first high," he said, making his friends laugh.

The teenagers were distracted from the previous topic, and it seemed that Press actually helped Ginny, but she didn't look so happy. In truth, Press didn’t mean to save a new kid from embarrassment.

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Most likely, he just wanted to make a joke in order to shift friends’ focus to himself and at the same time tease Ginny. She started talking about things others didn't understand, and he interrupted her, hinting that smoking made her look strange and a little bit stupid.

Given the writers' reluctance to show any good side of this character, it is quite odd to believe that this particular scene reveals his willingness to help Ginny. However, one episode helped fans to see an unexpected side of him.

Remember when Hunter said that Press was the most supportive when he had an adderall addiction? So should this guy be given a chance? Well, his attitude towards Abby is simply terrifying: Press was the person who destroyed her confidence and self-esteem, he manipulated her feelings and emotions since he knew that Abby was totally dependent on him.

When it comes to the situation with Ginny, Press’s motives were definitely not noble. It’s more likely that he wanted to tease the newcomer since he basically devalued Ginny's thoughts and interests with just one phrase.

Thus, Press’ behavior hardly needs a deeper explanation. Nothing really convinced the audience that he wanted to help Ginny out of a bad situation. Sure, Press shouldn't be called a one-dimensional character, since he still managed to defuse the tension, but it's unlikely that there was anything more to it.