Georgie Jr.'s Character Development on Young Sheldon is a Testament to Good Writing

Image credit: Legion-Media

There is one character on Young Sheldon who has won the hearts of fans even more than Sheldon himself.

The Big Bang Theory was a trailblazing sitcom that reimagined a lot of the tired tropes and broke the rules of character representation. And it was a huge success. Unsurprisingly, CBS commissioned a prequel about young Sheldon and his family, in which Sheldon's siblings Georgie Jr. and Missy also play a huge role.

Amazingly, Young Sheldon became popular in its own right, quickly leaving its predecessor's shadow.

Season 6 of Young Sheldon is currently on the air, and fans are praising the show's writers for their skilful handling of long-term character development, particularly with regard to Georgie. In the first season, he was portrayed as a selfish loner who showed little concern for his siblings.

However, subsequent seasons have seen Georgie grow into a more compassionate and mature individual, demonstrating his love for his family by doing everything he can to protect and make them happy.

Fans appreciate the way Young Sheldon's characters evolve authentically, much like real people, as opposed to the rushed development that often occurs in other series.

Georgie has captured the hearts of fans to such an extent that many people wish that Young Sheldon were a standalone series rather than a prequel so that they could see the characters evolve independently of their versions in The Big Bang Theory. Fans are convinced that a standalone show that follows Georgie's path to success after his teenage years would be extraordinary.

The depth of affection for Georgie, and the desire to see his story unfold unfettered, speaks to the quality of Young Sheldon's writing and the excellence of the character's portrayal.

It doesn't often happen these days that sitcoms are written with such great skill as Young Sheldons or characters are developed with such care and passion that it's impossible not to love them.

Young Sheldon Season 6 Episode 14 is scheduled to come out on CBS on 2 March 2023.