From School Rejects to Superstars: 8 Celebrities Who Were Outcasts as Kids

Image credit: Legion-Media

It just goes to show, being the weird kid can sometimes pay off in the end.

Kate Winslet

Kate never had friends at school, her peers teased her and called her fat, because at the age of 15 the future star already weighed about 175 lb (80kg). Teenagers went even further when they learned that Winslet dreams of becoming an actress: they started beating, locking her in a closet and saying that she will never be successful.

Kate could not stand the abuse and dropped out of school, but did not stop dreaming. The girl believed that she would definitely get famous and star in the movies. And as we know it, sometimes dreams can come true.

Demi Lovato

It was not easy for Demi either. A few years ago she admitted that she struggled with anorexia. Today it is hard to believe it, because Lovato’s figure is completely different. In addition, the singer had issues with alcohol and illegal substances.

Prior to these problems, she struggled with her classmates, who also thought she was too fat.

Lovato admitted that she honestly did not know why they were so mean to her. And when she asked, they would just say that it was because she was fat.

She was forced to homeschool, and that is when Demi started having digestive problems that led to a serious illness.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Today, it's hard to believe that one of the most beautiful models was also once bullied. Rosie's peers criticized her appearance, especially because they were annoyed by the girl's height.

Huntington-Whiteley says that kids constantly made mean jokes about her, calling her lips big and her chest flat.

At that time, of course, she was worried about that, but it was exactly these features that helped her at the age of 17 to sign the first contract with a modeling agency and become a popular Victoria's Secret model.

Kristen Stewart

The star of the Twilight saga has always been bright and different, and that is the kind of kids that bullies like to target. It was not easy for Kristen, because teenagers insulted her for any reason. The actress had already started acting in movies at the age of nine, which her classmates did not like very much.

At the age of 13, Stewart dared to leave school, which she does not regret one bit. The actress confesses that she was extremely happy to leave school, saying that the classmates were too cruel and did not give her any chance. She also adds that this was the time when she felt old enough and responsible enough to study, work and help her mother. She achieved much more by doing this, and still managed to finish her education, though a bit later.

Zac Efron

Many of the actor's characters were handsome young guys who were popular at school and had dozens of girls following them. But life is not a movie. According to Zac , he was a skinny, completely unattractive and clumsy guy, so he was bullied a lot.

Efron admits that he used to sing and dance at school, but that was not considered very cool, so his classmates thought he was a typical nerd.

Growing up, he turned into the kind of brutal and handsome man that girls loved so much in his school. One wonders how the classmates reacted to his transformation and popularity?

Selena Gomez

If the students Selena went to school with knew how popular she would become, they probably would have treated her differently. Today she is one of the most famous stars on Instagram, whose photos get a record number of likes, but in her younger days she was a quiet and inconspicuous girl.

Gomez admits that the high school years were not the best time of her life. It was when her self-esteem was at its lowest.

She was friends with just a couple of girls in her class and always sat at the back, surrounded by books. Sometimes there were conflicts, but she always had a cousin to help her, who was a famous and respected girl in school.

George Clooney

The artist was bullied because of an illness that suddenly struck him. George had paralysis, which caused part of his face to go numb and his left eye to stop opening.

Clooney admits that it was the worst time of his life. He was teased and bullied, but this experience only made him stronger. Over time, the paralysis passed and George became the famous actor he is today.

Angelina Jolie

As a child, Angelina was a difficult one, she always dressed in total black, wore bright makeup and drew coffins with crosses on notebooks. Teachers and classmates could not understand such a student, so she was transferred to a specialized class.

Many girls criticized her plump lips and curvy figure. Could they imagine then that Jolie would be considered the most beautiful woman on Earth, and her lips would be admired by the whole world?