From A-list to Unemployed: 6 Celebrities Who Lost Their Jobs Because of Their Weight

Image credit: Legion-Media

Gaining weight can be a real problem, especially if it means losing your job.

Ryan Gosling

Ryan’s always been fit as a fiddle so it’s hard to imagine him getting rejected because of extra pounds. However, that’s exactly what happened in 2010 when he got approved to play the lead role of the grieving father of a dead girl in the Lovely Bones.

Without telling anyone, Ryan decided to put on some weight for the role, figuring that a man who had just lost his daughter would have let himself go a bit. So the producers were mighty surprised when he turned up on set fat. So Ryan got dropped and Mark Wahberg was hired for the role instead.

Amy Schumer

Amy has always been plump and yet that hasn’t stopped her from becoming a movie star, after a fashion. However, she’s always been typecast as a kind chubby girl. 2015 saw her getting approved as the lead in Trainwreck, however, her contract stipulated she was to shed a few pounds for the role. Amy complied, but she made a promise to herself that she would never lose weight for a role again as she does not believe she’s fat.

As it turned out, that presented a problem. She has since gone to several auditions where she’s been asked to lose weight for the role. She’s refused and been turned down for all of them.

David Harbour

David once auditioned for X-Men. He wanted to play Bubble but when he was told the role was his, he whipped out his belly and started touching it. At this point, the producers and directors were shocked by how huge his belly actually was.

They got in touch with him later to tell him they had changed their mind and he would not be getting the role after all. They also suggested he should perhaps take better care of himself and lose some weight.

Kate Upton

In 2011, Kate became a Victoria’s Secret angel and presented new lingerie lines on the catwalk for the firm. However, a year later, the brand’s casting director told her they were dropping her because of her physique. Apparently Kate’s breasts were too big for Victoria’s Secret.

Kate was defiant, saying her breasts were natural and there was no way she was changing her bra size: she could exercise and stay healthy and motivated but there were certain things about her body she couldn’t change.

Star fitness coach David Kirsch defended his ward, pointing out that while Kate was not following any diets, she practised kickboxing for 2 -2.5 hours four times a week. He also said she had a very attractive female body.

Chris Pratt

Christ didn’t always have perfect abs. In 2011 he almost lost his role in Moneyball because of extra weight. After the filmmakers made some comments on his appearance, Chris hit the gym hard and got in shape pronto.

It was the first time someone had told him he might not get the role because he was too fat. So Chris resolved to shed pounds. He couldn’t afford a fitness coach at the time so he exercised on his own, doing lots of running. He also went on a strict diet and drastically cut down on alcohol consumption.

Chrissy Teigen

Early on in her career, Chrissy agreed to collaborate with a well-known brand. When she was ready to start work, company executives told her they were dropping her because she was too plump for their ads.

The company was Forever 21. Chrissy’s agency told her they were interested in doing an ad campaign shoot with her. She was already being made up for the shoot when an agency rep called her and told her to leave the set immediately, saying she was too fat for Forever 21. Chrissy still can’t get over the humiliation and says she hates Forever 21.

That negative experience didn’t stop her from becoming one of the most famous and sought-after models.