Friends to Lovers: 5 Ways Chandler Was a Better Partner to Monica Than She Was to Him

Friends to Lovers: 5 Ways Chandler Was a Better Partner to Monica Than She Was to Him
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The two characters made very different contributions to their relationship.

While Ross and Rachel are the most famous couple on Friends, they are hardly the best, considering their complicated history. Chandler and Monica seem to have the most satisfying relationship on the show, but it seems that they were so happy mostly thanks to Chandler, as he was the better and bigger half of their love story.

Here are just five things to prove it.

She Was a Total Control Freak

If you have to describe Monica in a single sentence, control freak is the best because she was one and often got on the nerves of the other characters. But Chandler took the brunt of it because he was her boyfriend.

Take for example Chandler and Monica's wedding. He tried to be inventive about it and took the initiative only to be met with stern resentment from Monica who needed everything to be done her way.

She Never Stood Up for Him

While Chandler was very supportive of Monica, she did not return the favor. Whenever the rest of the gang made fun of Chandler – Phoebe did it on a regular basis, mocking him in front of everyone and behind his back – Monica never said a word to make them stop and have some respect for their mutual friend and her partner and husband. And while it's okay to laugh at someone, Monica could have shown a little support for Chandler.

She Was Inconsiderate

If you break down Monica and Chandler's relationship, you'll see that he was a giver and she was a taker. While Chandler was willing to give up everything for Monica – he even quit his job in Tulsa when he realized he couldn't stand being so far away from her – she mostly took him for granted.

One time, Monica went to Joey's soap opera party where she had her bra signed by his famous co-star and had the time of her life, and she hadn't even told Chandler about the party, let alone considered his feelings about the bra signing.

She Was Manipulative

In addition to being a control freak, Monica manipulated Chandler on many occasions. The most disturbing time was when they were trying to conceive and Chandler, stressed out by the pressure and work in Tulsa, started smoking again. Monica was rightfully furious at him for picking up his old vice and she scolded him, which resulted in him not wanting to have sex. And she found no better way than to pretend to be sorry for pressuring him to quit smoking in order to have sex and try again to have a baby, which made him feel used.

He Was Willing to Compromise

Chandler was not the best partner. In fact, his every previous relationship had failed because he would rather flee after a conflict than try to fix things. Monica helped him see his mistake and he was most willing to learn to be a better partner and compromise some of his old views in order to build a relationship.