Free the Nipple: A-Listers Who Embrace the No-Bra Look

Image credit: Legion-Media

Bra-less and fabulous: celebs who let it all hang.

Jennifer Aniston

Friends fans noticed long ago that Jennifer often appeared on the show without a bra. Apparently, it wasn't Rachel Green who was foregoing this accessory the way Joey went commando; it was all Jennifer's doing. She still prefers to go braless to public events.

She will usually wear stylish, tight-fitting tops for a very natural and elegant look.


Rihanna's forte is triggering the snowflakes. This means she often deliberately picks clothes that are designed to cause controversy, whether she's doing a live performance or attending a social event. Rihanna is never shy about showing off her beautiful body.

One of her signature looks is see-through gowns and tops with no bra underneath. If you go online, you can find plenty of photos of Rihanna sporting this provocative look.

Rihanna will sometimes go full commando and not just at public events but in day-to-day activities too. Most fans reckon her breasts are so stunning it would be a crime to hide them.

Kim Kardashian

Kim loves to stir controversy too, and she hates bras. She claims bras are too constricting for her ample bosom and free spirit. But given how big her breasts are, they require extra support.

Having decided to do away with bras, Kim started using body tape to prop up her breasts at just the right height and angle. So her breasts can now be both propped up and visible at the same time.

Kim has even launched her own line of body tape.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth also loves letting her breasts hang. She's been quoted as saying on numerous occasions that she loathes bras. If it was up to her, she'd never wear them. Paltrow believes society forces women to wear this highly constricting piece of underwear and that without a bra, the breasts feel much more comfortable. She's been practising what she preaches, appearing at various public events with no bra and very deep cleavage.

Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley has somewhat diminutive perky breasts that she's never been ashamed of. During the filming of the Pirates of the Caribbean, she would spend almost an hour every day having silicon pads and a corset put on her small breasts to make them look bigger. Keira doesn't like having her breasts restricted in any way. She never tries to make her breasts look bigger, so she never wears bras.

Victoria Beckham

The former singer is now promoting her own clothing line. She knows very well how to make the breasts stand out even if the woman’s not wearing a bra. Victoria does not like wearing bras, she’s often commented she finds them too constricting and how without one she feels free.

Heidi Klum

The 49-year-old model still has firm perky breasts like those of a much younger woman. So she can totally pull off the braless look. She says she started hating bras when she started modelling. Nothing has changed since then. She doesn’t wear bras in either her day-to-day activities or when she goes to public events.