Fixing Hogwarts: 5 Changes Fans Want in the Harry Potter Canon

Fixing Hogwarts: 5 Changes Fans Want in the Harry Potter Canon
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Believe it or not, good old Harry Potter actually has some room for improvement.

Earlier this year, the massive Wizarding World fandom was sent into a frenzy by HBO Max's announcement of a new TV show based on J. K. Rowling's iconic book series. While the project is still in the early stages of production, fans are taking to social media to discuss what the creators could change in the canon to improve the source material and actually make a successful show.

Here are five key suggestions found on Reddit.

Give some classes more weight

Fans feel that the new series' narrative would benefit if the writers incorporated more of the lore into the Hogwarts classes. For instance, History of Magic could give viewers some basic information about magical myths and legends so that Horcruxes and Deathly Hallows wouldn't seem to come out of nowhere.

Also, the Charms class could help to expand the characters' magical vocabulary, as we know that there are countless versatile and powerful spells in the Potterverse, while the wizards and witches in Rowling's books only rely on a limited set of standard spells in their daily lives.

Make Harry and Ginny's romantic story compelling

Although Ginny Weasley and Harry Potter are the story's endgame, their romance is not particularly detailed in the books. It almost seems like Rowling's Harry doesn't realize he likes Ginny until he smells her shampoo in a love potion, and for all we know, Ginny could have just slipped Harry something to make him fall for her.

The new show could fix this plot hole by giving the characters more on-screen interactions, so their relationship develops at a normal pace.

Change the books' approach to Slytherin

What bothers many fans is that the Slytherins are consistently and almost cartoonishly portrayed as self-serving and evil, especially in the final book when they all hesitate to join the Battle of Hogwarts. The idea of people stereotypically sticking to their nature contradicts some of the main themes of the series, and the new show should definitely drop it.

Include some falling action in the finale

Although J. K. Rowling's series ended on a positive note with an epilogue showing the happy future of the main trio, fans feel that it left many loose ends. All of the books in the series, except the final one, have at least one chapter after the climactic battle.

The story in Deathly Hallows just sort of stops and jumps to the epilogue, leaving important questions about what happened at the end unanswered. That's why the new show should add some falling action before the time jump.

Forget The Cursed Child

It may come as a surprise, but The Cursed Child, a Jack Thorne play that largely distorted and twisted the Potterverse as we know it, is actually part of the canon, but many fans just want it removed and forgotten forever.

Source: Reddit.