Fantastic Four: Marvel Is About to Make Its Best Casting So Far

Fantastic Four: Marvel Is About to Make Its Best Casting So Far
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Fans have mixed feelings about the studio's rumored choice.


  • Marvel boasts the most A-listers under its banner.
  • Another fan-favorite actor might join the MCU in the near future.
  • His fans don't really want him to get involved with Marvel.

When it comes to star

power, Marvel is the first thing that comes to mind. Given that the studio's productions have amassed billions of dollars at the box office and millions of fans worldwide, it is no surprise that we tend to think of its actors as real A-listers.

Over the years, Marvel has cast such top-tier actors as Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, and Chris Evans among many others to play fan-favorite superheroes. As the MCU keeps expanding, the studio will have to hire new faces to portray more and more characters. Just recently, news broke that Marvel was actively looking for an actor to play Reed Richards in the upcoming 2025 iteration of Fantastic Four. And rumor has it that the studio offered the part to the ultimate Internet daddy.

Pedro Pascal to Play Mister Fantastic

The star of Game of Thrones, The Mandalorian, and The Last of Us has been in the spotlight for quite a while now. Finally, it seems that he's reached the point where Marvel wants him to portray a lead character in one of their films.

Since Disney, which also owns Marvel, purchased 21st Century Fox in 2017-2019, X-Men, Deadpool, and Fantastic Four have been on their way to being integrated into the MCU. A new FF movie, scheduled for 2025, is already in production at Marvel, which means the studio is currently casting actors for the future film. Reportedly, Pedro Pascal has been offered the role of Reed Richards in the upcoming flick, and now the actor and Marvel are negotiating the contract.

Fans Have Different Reactions on Pascal's Casting

Although Pedro Pascal has long been known as the Internet Daddy, affectionately dubbed by his fans in awe of his gentle demeanor and electrifying charisma, many seem to think his casting as the next Mister Fantastic is a dubious idea.

'I think it's a risk, but Pedro Pascal is such a fantastic actor that I'm pretty chill with it. I'm interested in the direction the movie would go,' one YouTube user wrote.

Interestingly enough, the audience finds the actor too nice to play this superhero.

'He's too likeable to be able to play Reed convincingly,' a YouTuber wrote in reference to the character's complex demeanor.

In fact, most people think that Pascal is simply too good for Marvel.

'He's far too Fantastic to be in the MCU,' another user chimed in.

Source: YouTube.

Do you think Pedro Pascal would make a good Mister Fantastic?