Fans Are Calling Out The Masked Singer for Being Too Scripted

Fans Are Calling Out The Masked Singer for Being Too Scripted
Image credit: Fox

Based on a popular Korean reality singing competition, The Masked Singer is a hit American show on Fox.

In each episode, famous guests perform while disguised in elaborate costumes and masks. After each performance, a panel of judges attempt to guess the identity of the contestants, aided by hints provided throughout the season. Judges and the audience then rank each performance, and the lowest-ranked singer is revealed and eliminated from the competition.

Hosted by Nick Cannon, the show's panel of judges has featured such celebs as Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg, Nicole Scherzinger, and Robin Thicke.

Now in its ninth season, The Masked Singer has, over the years, implemented several modifications to keep audiences engaged. However, the latest season has shed some of the previously introduced features, which all viewers have not received well. Some fans are already criticising the show, alleging that it is staged and lacks the authenticity that drew them in initially.

“Is it just me... Or does this show feel really scripted now? [...]Like, I can predict with 90% accuracy who’ll be eliminated in every episode, and I have never been known for my media literacy,” wonders Redditor OkieDokieKeroppi.

Opinions on the latest season are divided, but not in the way one might expect. While some viewers have expressed disappointment, describing the season as lacking the fun and sense of mystery the show used to be known for, others argue that it was inevitable given the nature of reality TV, insisting that all such shows are scripted.

“Every single show like this is scripted to a high degree and rehearsed many times over and then heavily edited to completely change the context of a given situation,” writes OGstanfrommaine in a Reddit thread, conceding, however, that eliminations are most likely real and impacted by many factors, including celebrity contestants themselves.

It is the judges, though, that most of the fans' ire has been directed at in The Masked Singer's season 9, and it's not the first time this has happened, either.

“The judges are just p*sing me off at this point. Nicole and Jenny scream as soon as the performance starts, like let me hear! Ken is sooo annoying. Like we get it, you don’t know who it is, but stop with the annoyance. [...] Robin is the only judge that is tolerable,” Redditor Adorable-Ad842 points out.

It's true that some judges have, on occasion, gone overboard with the theatrics, making the whole show come across as a complete farce. However, despite that, The Masked Singer still features captivating performances and Emmy-winning costumes, providing entertainment in spades. And who knows what changes season 10 might introduce?