Fan Theory Perfectly Explains Young Sheldon & TBBT Biggest Difference

Image credit: Legion-Media

Fans have always thought that Sheldon's feelings for his father in the original series were radically different from what we see on Young Sheldon.

The popular CBS sitcom about the lives of four nerds and their carefree neighbour introduced the world to one of the most iconic characters on modern television, Sheldon Cooper, a brilliant scientist with practically non-existent social skills. With his hilarious quirks and eccentricities, Sheldon quickly became a fan favourite, leading CBS to greenlight a spinoff series exploring his formative years.

Fortunately, the resulting show, Young Sheldon, did not disappoint, providing a charming and insightful look at Sheldon's early years.

However, fans have been pondering a perplexing question since the spinoff's premier: why does Sheldon hold his late father in such contempt in The Big Bang Theory when the father depicted in Young Sheldon is a devoted and affectionate parent to all of his children, including Sheldon? This inconsistency has been a topic of discussion for the 12 seasons of the original show, as Sheldon frequently belittles his father and diminishes his impact on his life.

This inconsistency has been a hot topic of discussion, as in the original series, Sheldon frequently belittles his father and diminishes his impact on his life. However, a fascinating theory that emerged from the Reddit fan community may finally explain this glaring contradiction.

When Sheldon lost his father at the tender age of 14, it dealt him a crushing blow. George was an affectionate and devoted parent who always made time for his family, and his sudden absence plunged the Cooper household into profound grief.

According to a compelling fan theory, Sheldon may have subconsciously downplayed his father's role in his life to cope with the painful loss.

Sheldon may very well be magnifying his father's shortcomings out of all proportion while glossing over his positive traits as a defence mechanism against the pain caused by his father's untimely demise.

While it sounds like a plausible explanation for the inconsistency between the two series, many fans find it sad to think that an adult Sheldon would resort to such a childish coping mechanism and constantly throw shade at his father. The only silver lining to the situation is that the affection between father and son remains intact in Young Sheldon.