Excited For Chicago Fire Return? This Sad News Will Curb Your Enthusiasm

Excited For Chicago Fire Return? This Sad News Will Curb Your Enthusiasm
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The show's family is about to shrink.


  • Chicago Fire was one of the shows affected by this year's strikes.
  • The NBC drama is scheduled for a midseason premiere in January 2024.
  • One of the show's stars is leaving after just one episode.

It's December 5, and by this point, this year's WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes seem like a half-forgotten nightmare. Yet they remain the most impactful event in Hollywood in years, shaping the entire entertainment landscape. When the writers went on strike, many beloved projects were put on hold – Season 6 of Virgin River was only half written, Young Sheldon's seventh and final installment hadn't been touched, and Chicago Fire had just been renewed for a 12th season. When the actors' union followed suit, the film and TV industry seemed to grind to a halt.

Fortunately, both strikes have been over for nearly a month now, and our beloved projects are back in the works. In addition, many are already slated for midseason releases, with Chicago Fire Season 12 set to premiere on January 17th. As exciting as it sounds, the return of NBC's hit drama will also be a bit sad and bittersweet. And it's not just because of the condensed episode count of the upcoming installment.

Chicago Fire Star to Leave the Show

Since its inception in 2012, Chicago Fire, the biggest show in the Chicago One franchise, has featured a host of characters that viewers have grown to love. For instance, Lieutenant Severide and Christopher Herrmann have been the ultimate fan favorites on the show since day one. However, over the course of its eleven-season run, Chicago Fire has had many more lovable characters.

Blake Gallo, portrayed by Alberto Rosende, won over audiences when he made his debut on Chicago Fire in Season 8. Since then, he's been one of the show's main characters and has gained a loyal following. Unfortunately, the actor will only be reprising his role for the premiere episode of the show's upcoming twelfth season.

Alberto Rosende On Leaving Chicago Fire

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According to reports, Alberto Rosende will appear in the first episode of Season 12 before exiting the show. Considering that he's become one of Chicago Fire's most beloved characters, the news is indeed sad. In that light, it's not surprising that the actor is bittersweet about leaving the show.

'When I decided to end my time with Chicago, it wasn't easy. The people I've met were truly special, the friendships I've made will last a lifetime, and the story I got to tell was one that made me proud. Can't wait to see what else is in store and I wish everyone the best in shooting the rest of the season,' Rosende wrote in an Instagram story recently.

Hopefully, the actor will have a fruitful career in the future and we'll see him in many other projects.

Source: Deadline.

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