Everything Wrong with Grey's Anatomy’s Derek Shepherd

Everything Wrong with Grey's Anatomy’s Derek Shepherd
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Patrick Dempsey's character has made some huge mistakes in his medical career and personal life.

ABC's hit medical drama premiered in 2005 and immediately attracted a huge following. Audiences loved its addictive mix of challenging medical cases and over-the-top romantic story arcs. Meredith Grey's career from an intern to the chief of surgery at a major hospital proceeded slowly, taking its sweet time to develop a strong emotional bond between the characters and the audience.

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And as is always the case, viewers loved some characters but hated others. Derek Shepherd is one of those characters that have both fans and haters in almost equal measure.

The handsome surgeon was introduced in the very first season of the series, making Patrick Dempsey a megastar. Derek eventually married Meredith and even had three children with her, but problems were to follow. Here's everything that is wrong with Derek, according to Reddit:

He is arrogant

Arrogance is an occupational hazard for star surgeons. We don't know if it's even possible not to succumb to it when you hold people's lives literally in your hands. So, some fans believe that's precisely what happened to Derek: his success in the operating room has turned him into an arrogant prick.

Before long, his arrogance started sabotaging his relationship with his colleagues. Other fans point out, however, that Derek's arrogance peaked in the first couple of seasons and that he has since become significantly more humble.

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He mistreated Meredith

There is a difference between being arrogant and being an asshole. Unfortunately, Derek is guilty on both counts: he would often tell Meredith that she was a burden for him, snap at her, and generally mistreat her. Even when they were married, he never put family first, always prioritising his career and seeking solace in his work. And even though he tried to make amends, his heart was never really in it.

As an illustration, fans often point to how he cheated on his ex-wife by dating Meredith in season one. Ouch.

He's a bad kisser

Although it has nothing to do with his personality, fans can't stand the way Derek kisses, describing it as gross. When Derek kisses Meredith, he looks like he is trying to swallow her whole. Perhaps, it's his arrogance rearing its ugly head even in the most romantic moments.

Despite all these negatives, Derek is an excellent surgeon who can reliably deliver top-notch performance in the OR. Derek dies in the Season 11 finale: After helping rescue four people from a car accident on the highway, he decides to take a call while driving and fails to hear an approaching truck.

While some fans describe the scene as silly, there is no denying that Derek died doing what he loved most: helping people and answering phone calls. Too bad he never learned how not to be a dick to people.