Even Vanessa Kirby as Sue Storm Can't Save Fantastic Four or MCU

Even Vanessa Kirby as Sue Storm Can't Save Fantastic Four or MCU
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MCU has done too much good stuff for this one to be a success.

With credits in major film franchises like Mission: Impossible, Vanessa Kirby is now a bona fide A-lister when it comes to Hollywood. But even she can't save The Fantastic Four.

When reports first surfaced that the British actress had been cast as Sue Storm in the latest MCU reboot, fans' thoughts immediately turned to what she would bring to the role. While she's shown versatility in her acting with roles as diverse as Stella Kowalski and Princess Margaret, a superhero movie is not something that seems to immediately suit her acting style.

Kirby is known for the emotional depth and thought-provoking portrayals she adds to the characters she plays. Whether there is room for the best of her abilities in the Fantastic Four is up for debate.

One thing that's not debatable is that Marvel has some sorting out to do when it comes to this franchise. It's one that has struggled to live up to expectations in recent years for several reasons:

Poor adaptations

After the 2005 and 2007 Fantastic Four movies received what can best be described as a lukewarm reception, the 2015 reboot was supposed to get the franchise back on track. But it was even worse, panned by critics. It has a score of just 9% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Lack of diversity

The classic Fantastic Four lineup is often criticized for its lack of diversity, with some fans calling for a more inclusive roster. In many ways, the whole premise feels a little outdated, and the introduction of Kirby as the Invisible Woman does nothing to address the issues surrounding diversity.

Now, this may not seem like an issue that Marvel needs to focus on, but with fans likely to be skeptical of this latest instalment, it's something the studio should have taken into consideration.

Comparison to other Marvel movies

This is the biggest problem. The MCU has some hugely successful productions that fans love and can't get enough of. Iron Man, X-Men, and Guardians of the Galaxy are just three examples of what Fantastic Four will have to compete with. Historically, it has always been considered a lesser franchise than those.

If the franchise had a cult following or fans demanding its return, Kirby might have been able to play a role in making it more popular. As it is, taking on this role may be one of those career moments she wishes had gone differently.

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