Episode 8 Wasn't the Season Finale 1923 Fans Were Expecting to See

Image credit: Paramount+

Fans seem to be a little disappointed with the first season finale of the Yellowstone spin-off.

Taylor Sheridan has recently been a true king at Paramount+, writing and producing several hit shows every year. It all started in 2018 when the writer introduced the world to Yellowstone, an ensemble drama series about the lives of the Duttons, a powerful Montana ranching clan. People loved the show led by Kevin Costner, and Paramount executives took note, allowing Sheridan to develop two spin-offs telling the story of prior generations of the Dutton family.

One of them, 1923, starring Harrison Ford and Heller Mirren, has just finished its first season, and fans can't help wondering how the famous screenwriter could have messed up the ending so badly.

The first season comprised eight episodes, although it had previously been announced that it would have ten. It was revealed that during the writing of the series, Sheridan concluded that he would be unable to tie up all the storylines in one season, so the streaming service allowed him to extend the series for a second season.

Fans were happy about that, but Sheridan failed to complete the first season properly, putting out an extremely boring finale.

The eighth episode wasn't bad per se, but it was definitely disappointing: fans were shocked that the season finale looked and felt like just another episode with zero plot twists or sudden reveals.

People didn't understand how Sheridan intended to pique their interest for the second part of the Dutton saga, given how forgettable the season finale is.

The episode was so boring and average that many fans didn't see it as a season finale, realising the season had ended only after the next episode didn't appear on Paramount + the following week. Fans have every right to be unhappy about this and are urging Sheridan to change his approach to screenwriting to give viewers something interesting and unique, at least in the final episodes.