Enough is Enough: AHS Fans Don't Want It Renewed Past Season 13

Enough is Enough: AHS Fans Don't Want It Renewed Past Season 13
Image credit: FX

The show isn't what it used to be.

There aren't many shows that have had as significant a cultural impact as American Horror Story. Created by Ryan Murphy for FX, this anthology series premiered in 2011 and became an instant hit, popular with fans and celebrities who stood in line to appear on the show.

With a sporadic starring cast including Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Lady Gaga, and Kathy Bates, AHS has spanned an impressive twelve seasons, each presenting viewers with a new horrifying tale.

Season 12 of American Horror Story, titled Delicate, is currently airing on FX. So far, only three episodes of the new story, which follows Anna Alcott as she experiences horrors during pregnancy, have aired, meaning more than half a season is still to come. However, AHS fans already seem pessimistic about this new installment and the future of their beloved show.

Dimming Embers of the Former Glory

When American Horror Story debuted in 2011, it was clear that the show was set to become a staple of US television. It quickly went from being a small new series on one of Disney's cable networks to a cult project adored by millions of fans. Unfortunately, AHS hasn't managed to maintain its popularity over the years, with many people suggesting that the show has been experiencing a decline in quality for the past several seasons.

First, the themes of the more recent seasons don't seem to resonate well with viewers who struggle to engage with the chosen topics. Additionally, many people suggest that recent installments have been poorly written and are riddled with glaring plot holes. As a result, the acting also appears off-point. But perhaps the main reason is the audience's nostalgia for earlier AHS seasons and its stars: Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, and Jessica Lange. Understandably, many feel it's high time to conclude the show before its reputation is damaged beyond repair.

Season 13

Back in 2020, AHS was renewed through to season 13, meaning there's one more to go, aside from the currently airing twelfth installment. It's unclear what kind of story the next season will feature and when it will premiere, but fans are certain – season 13 should be the farewell chapter of this beloved anthology series.

Episode 4 of AHS: Delicate is set to be released on October 11th.