Emilia Clarke's Brutally Honest Take on Got Ending: "No Matter What We Did, We Would Have Upset People"

Emilia Clarke's Brutally Honest Take on Got Ending:
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The actress has changed her mind about the show's finale.


  • Fans remain upset about GoT's ending.
  • Emilia Clarke's Daenerys was one of the most beloved characters on the show.
  • Initially displeased with the ending, the actress now supports it.

It's been four years since the final episode of Game of Thrones, yet the show continues to be a hot topic for thousands of viewers. Based on a fantasy series by George R. R. Martin, GoT debuted on HBO in 2011, achieving immediate success. Over its 8-season run, the series attracted a vast fandom and attained cult status.

Game of Thrones' conclusion was watched by millions worldwide. Yet, despite its undeniable popularity, season 8 proved divisive for many fans. While a significant number lamented the seemingly hurried wrap-up, others were particularly disgruntled with the trajectory of Daenerys Targaryen's storyline. Nevertheless, the actress behind the role feels that meeting every viewer's expectation would have been impossible.

Daenerys Stormborn – A Major Fan Favorite

Game of Thrones featured several universally loved characters in a series punctuated by violence. Fans adored figures like Ned Stark, Olenna Tyrell, and Tyrion Lannister, not to mention the ever-charming Jon Snow. Daenerys also consistently resonated deeply with the audience, primarily due to her noble intentions.

Portrayed by Emilia Clarke, the silver-haired queen offered one of the most captivating arcs in the series. Daenerys epitomized a just and discerning leader, albeit with autocratic tendencies. Yet, in the finale, she exhibited traits of madness reminiscent of her notorious on-screen father. Consequently, she met her end at the hands of the virtuous Jon Snow, a twist that left many fans furious.

Years Later, Clarke Thinks It Was the Best Possible Finale for Her Character

Initially, the actress shared the fans' discontent with her character's fate. However, her perspective has since evolved.

'It was definitely a challenge. I walked out my door, took my keys, forgot my phone and just kept walking,' Emilia Clarke said in an interview, recalling the first time she had read the script for GoT's final season.

Yet, with the passage of time, she has come to terms with the series' outcome and even began to see wisdom in it.

'I totally understand and respect why they [the showrunners] did it. There's a depressing reality of how it ended that actually feels based in truth, which no one wants for their favorite fantasy show. I'm not sure in what other direction she [Daenerys] could have gone,' she commented on the infamous GoT finale, stating that people would be dissatisfied in any case because they didn't want the show to end in the first place.

Source: The Guardian.