Donnie Wahlberg Has Just One Thing to Say After Wrapping Blue Bloods Season 13

Donnie Wahlberg Has Just One Thing to Say After Wrapping Blue Bloods Season 13
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We're all part of the huge Blue Bloods family.

Season 13 of Blue Bloods is still a few episodes away from the finale, but filming wrapped less than three weeks ago.

This season has proven to be one of the most intriguing yet, with many twists and ethical dilemmas facing the characters.

Donnie Wahlberg's Danny Reagan has been at the center of these entanglements, as the character regularly has to make the right decisions that sometimes go against police ethics. And it looks like, over the years of working on the show, Wahlberg has really developed a special bond with his character and, most importantly, his fellow cast members and the crew.

In the beginning of April, just as the season's production was finished, Wahlberg posted a clip on Instagram to mark the end of filming. The actor addressed the cast and crew with a little speech, which really showed how much he appreciated everyone's work on the show. Check out Wahlberg's warm thank-you moment at the end of Season 13's filming:

'I just wanna say thanks to everybody. Just love you guys and we're so blessed to work with you all,' the actor said, expressing his endless gratitude toward the cast and crew. Donnie then added that they all feel like a family to him, whether they had worked together from the beginning or joined more recently. Of course, the message was also addressed to the fans!

'I can, however, promise to keep working my a-- off to show you how incredibly thankful I am for this most wonderful opportunity to be welcomed into your homes (with my TV family) each week, to be part of your lives and to have you as part of mine — and to be so blessed to do what I love to do everyday,' the capture said.

Throughout the show's long run, viewers have supported Wahlberg and shown genuine interest in both the Reagan family in general and his character in particular. And it turns out some of the fans also see the show's team, along with Donnie at its center, as part of their family:

'My grandson just turned 13 in February! You have just become part of the family,' one of the fans commented.

Congratulations to the cast and crew for bringing us so much joy over the years! The new episode of Blue Bloods will air on April 21 on CBS.