Divorce? Meh. TV's Favorite Females Show Us How to Make it a Celebration

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Divorce? More like "divorce-y party-time" according to TV's hottest heroines.

Pain, drama, and the collapse of all hope — these are your regular associations with "divorce." Ending a marriage may indeed be traumatic, but in fact, any divorce marks a new beginning, a new page in a person's life — and it can be a wonderful new life! There are TV series made to prove it, and we can learn a lot from these shows' strong characters. Wrap up in a blanket and get a bucket of ice cream ready: these heroines are about to teach you how to handle a divorce and its aftermath.

What to do after a divorce? Here are your options from famous TV series.

Divorce: Open a gallery or pursue another dream

Sarah Jessica-Parker's character never gets to marry any of her love interests in the classic TV series Sex and the City, but in the new show, her heroine skips a few steps forward and lands on a page of her life titled Divorce — hence the series' name. The show tells the divorce story of an ordinary American couple with children. Their relationship seems to be fine on the surface, but the spouses have long been fed up with each other, and both have affairs and pursue their own interests. Under these circumstances, a separation is just the right step to take.

And you know what the main character does afterwards? Just what she dreamed about all her life: she opens a gallery! Now, it's that a great move?

Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce: Write a book about your suffering

You're suffering anyway, so why not monetize your drama? Lisa Edelstein's heroine in Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce has written books about family happiness and personal success, and life was nice and sweet until she and her husband decided to divorce. While her own career is in a halt, the character looks at her ex-husband enjoying sudden professional growth and a new relationship.

Now, the only way to cope with the situation is to write another book… about coping with the situation. It's an effective therapy — and possibly good money. Watch the series for instructions and give it a try!

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: Make lots and lots of jokes

Mrs. Miriam Maisel had a seemingly ideal life with two kids and a loving husband… who cheated on her with his secretary and left. On top of that, his parents asked Miriam to vacate the apartment now that she is no longer a family with their son. She definitely didn't deserve all that: Miriam always tried to be the perfect wife with good looks, beaming smiles, and warm dinners.

What the heroine is left with in this desperate situation is her sense of humor — so she decides to splash it out on stage and become a stand-up star. Now that Miriam finally enjoys a life of her own, the divorce turns out not so scary as it seemed. In the meantime, her ex-husband realizes he made perhaps the biggest mistake of his life…

Grace and Frankie: Move to a seaside house

Long-term rivals Grace and Frankie learn that their husbands are leaving them… to live together as a couple.

It turns out that the men have been in love with each other for the last 20 years, so now, they want to stop pretending and finally get married. Their spouses are astounded and, realizing there's no one else to rely upon, they decide to stick together to cope with their unusual situation. Grace and Frankie move into a seaside house and start a new chapter in their lives: the two women become friends, learn to live their divorced lives happily, and even find new romantic interests!

Better Things: Accept and let go

Sam is a divorced mother of three and Hollywood actress — not the most successful one, but that doesn't particularly sadden the heroine. She's optimistic and doing well in all of her many life roles, juggling parenthood, chores, and professional commitments. Her life may be in chaos, but Sam doesn't lose faith and continues to strive for the best.

Terrible dates, failed auditions, even quarrels with her three kids — all the bad things in life ultimately lead to “better things,” and a bright future is beaming ahead.

The Good Wife: Get back in the game

Alicia has always been a good wife — in fact, she was so good, she didn't immediately leave her husband when he cheated on her and went to jail for corruption. These twists of fate give Alicia a chance to begin her life anew: to support her family, she returned to work as a lawyer, achieved professional success, and eventually started her own firm.

It's even lucky her husband got involved in a sex and corruption scandal — if he didn't, Alicia's life wouldn't be as exciting to watch!