Did the Twilight Crew Predict Robsten's Messy Breakup?

Did the Twilight Crew Predict Robsten's Messy Breakup?
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The studio warned the Twilight leads not to date, but the two did not heed the warning.

Today, it seems like Twilight was always going to be this huge pop culture phenomenon, and nothing could stand in its way.

But when the franchise was still in the works, its creators saw everything in a very different light and had to calculate how every little detail would affect the audience's response, including the real-life relationship between the two main stars.

As we now know, the twists and turns of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson's relationship contributed to the franchise's hit status, but at the time, the idea of the two actors getting together was not welcomed by the creators and the studio.

Ashley Greene, who portrayed fan-favorite Alice Cullen, mentioned that the big bosses were against the real-life romance because of the consequences it could have on the on-screen relationship between Edward Cullen and Bella Swan.

'The last thing they wanted is for the couple to get together and then hate each other and then the chemistry to be gone,' Greene explained in an episode of her podcast The Twilight Effect.

Nevertheless, the studio couldn't tell the actors what to do and who to be with, so Pattinson and Stewart did get together after the first film's release, against all odds and objections and to the delight of the movie's huge fan base, who at the time were already shipping both fictional (Bedward) and real-life (Robsten) couples.

In an interview for The Howard Stern Show, Stewart later said that it was impossible for her not to fall in love with Pattinson, confirming that her feelings were genuine and not for publicity, as some fans assumed.

But now, considering the outcome of Robsten's relationship, the studio may have been right when they warned the actors not to get involved. Though their romance lasted for years, Stewart and Pattinson's breakup was rather messy.

Kristen met filmmaker Rupert Sanders on the set of her movie Snow White and the Huntsman, and the two had an affair. After she was caught cheating on Robert, the couple split, and this happened prior to the premiere of the franchise's final film.

The Robsten breakup was long and painful, with the couple getting back together for a few months and then splitting up again, this time for good. Fortunately, it happened after filming was completed, so the creators' concerns never came to life. If anything, the scandal actually added to Twilight's popularity.

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