Deleted Twilight Scene With Bella Talking About Poo Takes Bizarre to a Whole New Level

Deleted Twilight Scene With Bella Talking About Poo Takes Bizarre to a Whole New Level
Image credit: Legion-Media

Twilight has undoubtedly received a fair amount of criticism since it became a viral sensation back in 2008.

Although many adoring fans still defend the films, nobody is supporting this surreal deleted scene from the first movie, which is just plain weird… even for Twilight.

The scene in question is featured in the extended edition of the film and included as part of the behind the scene commentary. In the commentary, the movie's director Catherine Hardwicke explains that this earlier version of the scene was meant to display more details of Edward's room but was eventually cut down for the released version.

However, we think it was more likely cut for a different reason entirely. Being that it seems totally weird and very awkward.

In the scene, Bella, played by Kristen Stewart, visits Edward's home for the first time and is exploring the items in his bedroom. All seems relatively normal until she makes a disturbing comment after picking up a rainstick.

She tells Edward about her past hobby of making rainsticks out of chinchilla poo and empty toilet roll tubes with her mother. As she mentions her unique crafting method, the camera cuts to Edward, who appears utterly taken aback and raises his eyebrows in surprise. Seeing Edward's reaction, she quickly adds, 'Maybe that's weird'.

If there was any doubt that Bella was not one of the most awkward characters in movie history and a pretty terrible flirt, please watch this scene for proof.

Naturally, this bizarre clip has left many Twilight fans confused and slightly disgusted. Some questioned why such a scene was even considered to be included in the film, while surprisingly, others wondered how it could have been deleted from the original cut.

Fans were quick to voice their opinions about the unusual scene on social media, with many expressing their distaste and disappointment in the choice to include such a scene in the first place.

However, despite the widespread disgust, some Twilight enthusiasts found the scene hilarious. Others pointed out that the scene was an example of the unique quirks that made the Twilight series so beloved, even if it was a bit unexpected.

Nonetheless, the scene has undoubtedly taken the franchise to a whole new level of bizarre. Fans have long been drawn to the forbidden love between Bella and Edward, the supernatural creatures, and the dramatic storyline.

Although it's clear that the Twilight series will always have a special place in the hearts of its fans, this deleted scene will undoubtedly go down in history as one of the franchise's most bizarre moments.