Decades Later, Pretty Woman's Most Powerful Line Still Relevant: Even More So in 2023

Decades Later, Pretty Woman's Most Powerful Line Still Relevant: Even More So in 2023
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It has been over three decades since the iconic film Pretty Woman hit theaters.

Yet the classic movie continues to be an influential piece of cinema that portrays a powerful message to everyone. Especially from the character of Vivian, played by Julia Roberts, who reminds us of the impact of negative words and actions on our self-esteem.

One of her quotes, in particular, still holds true today. Proving the film is as relevant now as it has ever been.

Although the film is primarily a romantic comedy, there are still some sentimental moments throughout. During an intimate scene between Vivian and Edward (Richard Gere), the character openly reveals her life story and, more importantly, the many hardships she has faced.

This cements Vivian as a relatable character who, like many of us, has found herself in compromised situations and occasionally made mistakes. This moment also prompts her to utter one of the most powerful lines in the entire movie: 'People put you down enough, you start to believe it.'

The line is simple but effective. Showing Vivian's clear intelligence and insight while resonating deeply with the audience.

In today's world, where daily stresses, online bullying, and social media criticism are all too common, it's easy to fall prey to negativity. The constant stream of harmful comments and criticism can often make us feel worthless and unwanted. Fortunately, we can learn from characters like Vivian and stand up for ourselves. By surrounding ourselves with positive influences and replacing negative self-talk with affirmations, we can maintain a positive self-image and not give in to the bad views pushed upon us.

Vivian follows this famous quote in the film with another revelation, saying, 'The bad stuff is always easier to believe, you ever noticed that?'

This again cleverly highlights how accepting hurtful judgments is much easier than affirming your own positive beliefs. While it can be difficult to ignore the negative opinions of others, we must try to remember that they do not define us.

Coming to terms with negativity and forcing ourselves to think positively is proven to have better effects on mental health, relationships, and self-respect in the long run.

The lesson from Pretty Woman is a timeless reminder that we can control our self-esteem and believe in ourselves, regardless of what others say. We must learn to focus on our strengths and accomplishments and not let the negative comments or harsh criticisms of others bring us down. In short, we could all learn from Vivian's wisdom. Rise above negativity, and believe in ourselves.