Cute or Creepy? Young Sheldon Fans Can't Agree on This Character

Cute or Creepy? Young Sheldon Fans Can't Agree on This Character
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Still, he was a better person than his older counterpart.


  • Young Sheldon has many likable side characters.
  • While some of the show's fans adore this particular character, others find him suspicious.
  • There has been nothing on the show that would really suggest anything improper on the character's part.

Young Sheldon has been entertaining audiences for eight years with fascinating stories, hilarious comedy and charismatic characters. In fact, the latest episode of the sitcom premiered yesterday, reminding viewers why it is CBS' flagship show.

With Young Sheldon focusing on the early life of the titular character and his family, the Coopers are undeniably the ultimate fan favorites on the show. But the TBBT spin-off also has plenty of lovable supporting characters. For example, Dr. Sturgis, aka Sheldon's professor/best friend and Meemaw's ex-boyfriend, is one of the most popular characters outside of the Cooper household.

Pastor Rob, who made his debut in Season 5, is also beloved by viewers because he's charming, kind and honest. But some of Young Sheldon's fans find him downright creepy.

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Sweet or Sleazy?

Traditionally, Pastor Rob has been seen as a sweet and extremely wholesome young man who Mary fell in love with during another rough patch in her and George's marriage. The character, portrayed by Dan Byrd, was actually a good pastor compared to one of the most annoying people on the show, Pastor Jeff. But was Rob really that nice?

When you really think about it, there are certain things about Pastor Rob that give you the creeps. First of all, his Tom Selleck-style mustache looks ridiculous on his young face and raises suspicions about his character. Then, his willingness to be around children is somewhat alarming. And even though nothing inappropriate has ever been suggested about Pastor Rob's actions on the show, it still makes you think.

The Biggest Concern

Perhaps the most questionable moment was when Pastor Rob offered the church a sex talk with the children. Sure, he wanted to do good and help young Christians learn the "facts of life" in a decent and supervised way before they get it wrong from television. But his eagerness to do so was quite disturbing.

Of course, this is just speculation, as Pastor Rob was always portrayed as a decent and honest man who didn't take advantage of his position. He was always there for Mary and emotionally supportive. But despite the palpable physical tension between them, he never acted on it, proving he's a good guy. Most importantly, Rob was simply too awkward to be a sexual predator, let alone a child molester.

That's why audiences love him so much. But we should admit that there are certain things about him that you can't help but find disturbing.

What do you think of Pastor Rob?