Coven is Peak American Horror Story; Every Season After Was Subpar

Coven is Peak American Horror Story; Every Season After Was Subpar
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There are very many reasons why.

When American Horror Story debuted in 2011, it was clear that the show had the makings of a hit. Still, few could have predicted it would cement its place as a staple of American television and feature numerous A-listers in its cast. It's been a month since the release of season 12 of AHS, but it would appear that the latest installment has failed to impress fans.

The reason for the audience's dissatisfaction with the twelfth season titled Delicate is pretty simple. The third season, Coven, set such a high bar that every installment since then has been a disappointment.

Here are the key ingredients that made Coven a masterpiece of modern television.

Exceptional Cinematography

Coven was filmed using traditional film cameras. All the zoom-ins were meticulously timed, and the angles were spot-on. That created a unique, somewhat nostalgic feel that none of the subsequent seasons have been able to recapture.

Immaculate Acting

Featuring heavyweights like Kathy Bates, Jessica Lange, and Angela Bassett, Coven can confidently be labeled the most masterfully acted season. While debates may rage forever regarding the quality of the writing (a point of contention for every AHS installment), the ensemble cast brought their characters to life brilliantly.

Superior Writing

As mentioned, Coven's script is seen by some as a bit of a controversial topic, but its narrative stands tall among all the tales American Horror Story has offered up over its twelve-year span. Subplots were meticulously crafted and thoroughly explored; they were more than mere fillers and genuinely enriched the main storyline. Despite some arcs being somewhat rushed sometimes, each character underwent significant development.

Memorable Guest Appearances

While every AHS season boasts its share of guest stars, Coven truly delighted fans with a surprise cameo from Stevie Nicks, a moment that has remained unparalleled since.

Perfect Timing

When American Horror Story's third season was released, the series was still seen as fresh and alluring, continually drawing in new audiences. Coven not only lived up to the first two seasons but also created its unique, enduring legacy within the show's lore.

As for Delicate, the premiere date for the second part of season 12 has yet to be announced.

Do you agree that Coven was the best season of American Horror Story?