Controversial Klaroline Romance Still Has Vampire Diaries Fans Split

Image credit: Legion-Media

Were Klaus and Caroline a good match?

The love triangle between Elena Gilbert and the Salvatore brothers was not the only compelling romantic storyline on The Vampire Diaries, and Elena wasn't the only female character to have multiple love interests.

Caroline Forbes has gone through at least five romantic relationships — with Damon and Stefan Salvatore, Matt Donovan, Tyler Lockwood, and arguably Klaus Mikaelson. While all five love arcs have divided the massive Vampire Diaries fandom, perhaps the most controversial has been Caroline's romance with Klaus, and fans are debating the Klaroline pairing to this day.

Klaus was an original vampire and a werewolf, making him the Original Hybrid, and he often served as the antagonist in The Vampire Diaries' storylines. Caroline was a Mystic Falls High School student turned vampire and one of the main female protagonists.

In season three, Klaus saved her life from Tyler's bite, and that's when he fell for the girl, calling her beautiful, strong, full of light, and "too smart to be seduced by him."

He also promised that he would be Caroline's last love, which sounded very romantic and hooked many fans.

With Caroline, Klaus showed his softer, less evil side. And while it was a welcome change for many fans who started shipping Klaroline the second they laid eyes on each other, the pairing seemed totally forced to the rest of the fandom.

Those who ship Klaroline note that Joseph Morgan and Candice King, the actors playing Klaus and Caroline, had palpable on-screen chemistry and their sex scene was as steamy as it gets. Many saw them as equals, especially after Caroline's significant character growth, and regretted that their relationship was not an endgame.

At the same time, some fans feel that the pairing came out of nowhere and made no sense for Klaus, as his infatuation with an average schoolgirl was completely out of character and kind of ruined his evil, scary vibe.

Before that, Klaus was the oldest, most feared and revered vampire, so his change to an easily manipulated romantic was unexpected — and implausible. Some people even think the character would be better off without any love arc at all, rather than the relationship with Caroline. But as always, the debate boils down to viewers' individual preferences, and it doesn't seem likely that fans will ever reach an agreement on the issue.