Colin Getting Humbled Might Be the Best Part of Bridgerton Season 3

Colin Getting Humbled Might Be the Best Part of Bridgerton Season 3
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He started out much too naive, and then got a bit too cocky. In Season 3, Colin Bridgerton may finally find a balance.


  • Colin and heartbreak are not a good mix
  • Colin and Penelope are a match made in heaven
  • Their relationship is a little problematic, but who cares?
  • Shonda better make some changes

Oh, Colin…

When Bridgerton began, Colin was the gentlest member of the family: a baby-faced, sweet romantic whose naivety caused him to fall deeply in love with Marina Thompson. The fact that Marina was really just looking for a husband of convenience went right over Colin's head, and his heart was eventually broken.

Colin reacted to the breakup the same way we all do: by going to Greece, growing a weird beard, and drinking hallucinogenic tea. When he returned to England, he had found a new confidence.

That confidence only grew as Colin managed to suss out 'Cousin Jack''s malicious ruby-mine scheme. Making the moment even sweeter? The fact that after two seasons of pining over Colin, Penelope got to be saved by her crush and then swept off her feet on the dance floor.

Oh, Penelope…

Alas for Penelope, all of her new hopes came crashing down when Colin's confidence turned out to be a bit much. Colin's hurtful comments when he was bro-ing out with the other young men of the ton showed that he had evolved a little too far out of his sweet, naive persona. A little bit of swagger is nice; too much just makes you a jerk. It's time for Colin to come back down to earth.

Luckily, it seems that Season 3 will be tailor-made to serve Colin a little humble pie. If the book by Julia Quinn is any guide, this is the year that Colin will discover that so much of what he had taken for granted (including Penelope) could possibly slip through his fingers.

The development of Colin's character is an interesting one

In the book Romancing Mister Bridgerton, Colin is growing tired of being the only Bridgerton male without a purpose to his life. Penelope is tired of being considered a spinster. Not wanting to die without being kissed, she asks her long-time crush Colin to oblige her just once.

But Colin has always seen Penelope as a wallflower, and not as an object of passion. When it turns out that she is secretly Lady Whistledown, Colin is forced to grapple with the fact that even though he's got all the swagger, it's really Penelope who is a force to be reckoned with. It takes time and a lot more kissing for Colin to let go of his pride.

Bridgerton has always taken big liberties with its source material, but it seems quite likely that we'll get to watch Colin getting humbled in Season 3 – finally turning him into the romantic hero that Penelope deserves.