Cole Hauser Just Gave a Major Yellowstone Season 5 Update

Cole Hauser Just Gave a Major Yellowstone Season 5 Update
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Co-star Teases Yellowstone Reunion.

Cole Hauser is ready to get the band back together. Yellowstone, as most fans are well aware, has been on hiatus since Kevin Costner started feuding with series creator Taylor Sheridan back in February.

Now, with the summer rapidly approaching nothing has been confirmed regarding shooting for the remainder of season five of Yellowstone.

Nevertheless, Hauser appears to have the inside scoop. The 48-year-old actor irregularly posts on social media. Therefore, when he recently posted a photo on Instagram with fellow Yellowstone co-stars Denim Richards and Jefferson White, it got a lot of viewers excited.

Hauser Hints at New Season Five Episodes

Hauser posted what appears to be a promo for the upcoming season of Yellowstone. Jefferson White and Denim Richards are also seen in the image with the caption: 'Found this old pic of my boys. See ya'll soon!'

While Hauser may have simply been getting the fans hyped for another season of Yellowstone (whenever that might occur), there is more going on beyond the photo and mysterious caption.

Fans React to Hauser's Yellowstone Teaser

Naturally, the cryptic message on social media left many fans scrambling for meaning. Does this infer the second half of Yellowstone season five will soon resume? Are the cast members preparing to shoot new scenes?

Unfortunately, Hauser did not expand beyond the initial post, leaving audiences even more in the dark. However, every indication is this is good news since Hauser rarely shares information related to the show on his own personal account. Perhaps he's more excited for the return of Yellowstone than anyone else, with or without Kevin Costner.

Yellowstone Season 5 Update

Despite the promising social media post from Cole Hauser, others are exercising more caution regarding a Yellowstone reunion. Dawn Olivieri has gone on the record stating that all good things must come to an end, perhaps suggesting the same is true for the most popular show on television.

Sadly, Taylor Sheridan continues to be trivial with Costner, contributing to a further rift between them. Therefore, it's plausible that Yellowstone is resuming shooting even without a full commitment from Costner. The TV series could continue in many directions, including making Rip a more prominent character on the show.