Clues About Taylor Swift & Joe Alwyn Breakup Were There All Along

Clues About Taylor Swift & Joe Alwyn Breakup Were There All Along
Image credit: Legion-Media

Swifties are speculating if there were any hints about the breakup before the announcement.

People meet and part ways all the time, but whenever the news of a celebrity breaking up with their partner becomes known, the public can't help but discuss the heartbreaking situation, offering their opinions on what might have been the cause of the breakup and if the lovers had it coming all along.

Taylor Swift and her boyfriend of six years Joe Alwyn broke up a couple of weeks ago. The news was made public on April 8 through an exclusive material by ET, and now, the superstar's fans all over the internet are speculating if there were any hints about it before the announcement.

Taylor Swift's fandom is currently scrutinizing video clips from her recent Eras tour concerts in Arizona.

In one of such clips posted on TikTok, the singer's eyes are brimming with tears as she's singing her song titled 'Champagne Problems.' The track is about a couple from two different worlds, who can't see eye to eye and, as a result, can't be together.

Although Taylor is not actually crying, some believe it was her breakup with Joe Alwyn that prompted this display of emotions. If so, the clue might not be intended, but it definitely showed that the singer was going through something personal.

Besides, Joe was not accompanying Taylor on her tour. The couple was never seen together during Eras, and this was probably another indication of their breakup as well.

Though it is yet unknown who initiated the breakup, Swift and Alwyn reportedly parted ways on friendly terms, explaining that they had simply drifted apart over the years.

Apparently, there is little drama about it — so, for a change, Taylor doesn’t have a breakup to dramatize in her future songs.

As for the clues, the points that the fans are making may not be particularly convincing, but discussing them now wouldn't mend the situation anyway.

However disappointing this might be, Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn's breakup is a done deal.

But we'll keep an eye on Taylor crying during her concerts next time she has a boyfriend — however, we all hope her next relationship will see a happy ending!