CLOY Fans, You Gotta Check This New Son Ye-jin K-Drama on Netflix

CLOY Fans, You Gotta Check This New Son Ye-jin K-Drama on Netflix
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Thirty-Nine is the show that guides viewers through life's difficulties and makes us reflect on our own mortality.


  • After the success of Crash Landing on You, fans have been following the careers of the main stars and finding their new projects fascinating.
  • Son Ye-jin's latest series, Thirty-Nine, is another great line in the actress' resume.
  • The K-drama follows the lives, friendships, and relationships of three 39-year-old women as they go through tragic times.
  • It teaches viewers to find happiness and warmth in the midst of life's hardships.

The 2019 South Korean romance Crash Landing on You (CLOY) has become an incredible experience for many viewers. A well-developed plot and characters, a compelling main storyline with electric chemistry between the leads, and engaging subplots made this K-drama a favorite for many viewers.

It is not surprising that the main cast of CLOY has gained worldwide fame and millions of fans who are following their further personal and professional development. It is simple. When fans see Son Ye-jin or Hyun Bin in a project, they watch it. And they usually don't leave disappointed.

The latest K-drama starring Son Ye-jin proves it.

Thirty-Nine is an immersive slice-of-life romance

2022's Thirty-Nine is a true hidden gem in Netflix's vast library. The beautifully slow-paced 12-episode story revolves around the lives and relationships of three longtime friends who are about to turn forty.

Son Ye-jin plays the head dermatologist at a clinic. Her co-stars Jeon Mi-do (Hospital Playlist, Mother) and Kim Ji-hyun (Backstreet Rookie, D.P.) portray a drama teacher who once dreamed of being an actress and a cosmetics saleswoman, respectively.

When one of the friends receives a devastating piece of news, the others try to be supportive and be there for her.

A rare viewing experience

While there are some romantic angles and trigger warnings in the series, at its core the show is about human interaction and life itself. It teaches you to accept and love this life with all its ups and downs.

The dynamic between three friends, the way their story is written, the dialogue, the banter, the jokes, the jibes, the ribbing, everything about it rings true and relatable.

At some point, you start living the story with the characters. And when it gets hard for them (it gets very hard), you cry with them and find happy moments and heartwarming details in the tragic times.

All in all, Thirty-Nine is a truly eye-opening viewing experience that is not often found on our daily watch lists.