Clever Plot Parallels Point to Logan Dying in Succession Season 4 Finale

Clever Plot Parallels Point to Logan Dying in Succession Season 4 Finale
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A satirical black comedy-drama series mocking the cynicism and egocentricity of the rich, Succession is also a tragedy that shows people traumatized by their ambitions and money.

But regardless of whether you're rich or poor, the end is always the same for everyone — and it seems that Logan Roy may be approaching his death in the upcoming episodes.

Viewers noted that the beginning of the current fourth season, which will be the show's last, draws an interesting parallel to the first episode of season one, and this analogy serves to suggest Logan's life is coming to an end soon.

Despite the state of affairs being very different in the two episodes, their overall structure and contents seem to perfectly symbolize the demise of Logan Roy, the powerful Roy family patriarch and founder of Waystar RoyCo.

Both episodes depict the mogul's birthday celebration. In season one, we see Logan surrounded by his family and celebrating, and in the last one, he seems somewhat detached from what's going on — even though many of his family members are there, there's just no one he can trust, and even more importantly, no one really trusts him either.

In the first season's episode one, titled 'Celebration,' the Roys' family relationships are complicated and uneasy due to their troubled past, but the children still trust their father, and the patriarch hopes they could be worthy inheritors of his media conglomerate.

Logan's intention was to raise his children as future business moguls, selfish and materialistic, so when they show their weaknesses, turning to their father for comfort and support, he does not respond to their emotional call and pushes them further away.

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'The Munsters,' which is the first episode of season four, presents us with the consequences of these troubled family relationships. The siblings feel an immense resentment and rebel against Logan to prove their independence (except that they still depend on their father and his wealth), and the patriarch realizes he has failed to get his way and is left with nothing, as the future of his family and his company are dark and uncertain.

Another year gone by, and the kingpin leaves his birthday celebration at night and with his mind troubled.

Contrasting sharply with the first season's birthday party spirit, this ending feels rather dark and suggests that the character's demise may be near. Will the writers kill Logan off abruptly, causing bewilderment among his offspring, or are they going to make us wait until the season's finale? Let's wait and see.

Succession season four episode three will arrive on HBO on April 9, 2023.