Celebs With Less-than-perfect Smiles

Image credit: Legion-Media

6 celebrities who embrace and own their imperfections.

Kate Moss

One of the most popular catwalk stars doesn't boast a perfect smile: Kate Moss' teeth are a little crooked and not exactly snow-white either. This is a result of Kate's unhealthy lifestyle earlier in her life — the model used to drink and use illegal drugs. Today, she pays a lot more attention to her physical well-being and appearance. The celeb isn't ashamed of her natural beauty and has a lovely, albeit imperfect, smile.

Vanessa Paradis

Johnny Depp's former lover accepts her natural look and doesn't wish to change anything about it. Vanessa is fond of her front teeth gap and readily shows it off in public. When anyone asks if the star wants to fix it, Paradis laughs and shuts down the idea: "Why would I fix them? I was born with them. I can spit water through them. They’re useful!"

Paradis' unusual smile is now the actress' hallmark, and her acceptance of the "defect" has inspired many to keep their teeth gaps, too.


The singer also has a teeth gap, although not as noticeable as Vanessa's. Another thing she was criticized for was the color of her teeth: many people said Madonna needed to whiten them. They believe that a star of such magnitude should strive for a perfect bright smile. But Madonna doesn't take the advice: she prefers her smile in its natural color.

Keira Knightley

Keira admits she has "wonky" teeth, but surprisingly, she was never criticized for them: "I keep hearing about everybody going to Hollywood and, you know, their agents going, 'Straighten your teeth,' or, 'Whiten your teeth,' but nobody's ever said anything about my teeth. They're not straight, apparently. But nobody's ever said anything, which is quite nice I suppose."

Fortunately, directors and producers don't pay attention to Knightley's imperfect teeth because her talent, beauty, and charm are much more important. The actress also doesn't think there's anything wrong with them, so she always gives a big smile to photographers and fans.

Katy Perry

Unlike Knightley, Katy Perry is quite upset about her crooked lower teeth. "I want my lower teeth to be perfect," the singer complained, "I never had braces, and it's hard as an adult to commit to them. Those teeth are the bane of my beauty existence. It's like the Rocky Mountains in there!"

Perry also doesn't want to wear veneers because they look too unnatural.

Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten's two upper teeth protrude forward, but this doesn't bother her one bit. The actress has been repeatedly told she needed to fix them, and one of the Spider-Man producers even drove her to the dentist to get her teeth straightened. Dunst then refused to get out of the car and said she liked her teeth. The actress never regretted her decision: she stunned in the movie, and her smile is still beautiful and super cute.