Celebrity BFFs: Surprising Story of Lisa Vanderpump & Lizzo’s Friendship

Celebrity BFFs: Surprising Story of Lisa Vanderpump & Lizzo’s Friendship
Image credit: Legion-Media

In the world of celebs, friendships and connections are often viewed as lucrative ventures.

The combined popularity of celebrities multiplies their individual appeal, feeding the public's insatiable appetite for juicy details about their lives.

Friendships, in this context, have immense potential for generating hype.

Hype could be considered the driving force behind reality TV, as stars of the genre willingly expose every aspect of their personal lives in pursuit of fame.

Lisa Vanderpump, a star of Bravo TV's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, is no stranger to leveraging her popularity. So when news broke of her friendship with Lizzo, some might have assumed it was yet another carefully choreographed publicity stunt. However, the two stars share an unexpected bond.

As it turns out, Lizzo and Lisa are neighbours residing in the same upscale Los Angeles estate. In 2022, the Grammy-winning singer purchased her current $15 million property, which previously belonged to Harry Styles.

Little did Lizzo know that she was not only acquiring a stunning home but also gaining a friendly neighbour to share rosé with. The two celebrities bonded and even celebrated their friendship with a joint Instagram post after the Grammys in February.

Fans were understandably surprised, but Lizzo and Lisa share an interest in reality TV. Besides being an accomplished musician, Lizzo has a penchant for the genre, having hosted Watch Out for the Big Grrrls on Amazon. Lisa Vanderpump, of course, is a seasoned reality TV personality. It's only natural that the two found common ground, despite their generation gap.

Some fans have even speculated about a potential reality TV collaboration between the two. Lizzo appears open to the idea.

The singer recently expressed interest in a second season of Watch Out for the Big Grrrls. Amazon hasn't confirmed a renewal, but nothing is stopping Lizzo from enjoying rosé with Lisa Vanderpump in the meantime, seeing how 'The Queens' seem to genuinely enjoy each other's company.