Celebrities Who Have a Serious Grudge Against High School

Image credit: Legion-Media

Their high school experience was the worst.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria was bullied at school because she grew up in a wealthy family. Classmates were so jealous that they even threatened to beat her. Beckham admitted that she was very lonely at the time, so she does not like to talk about school.

It turns out that she even had to get out of the car a few blocks away from school so that she would not be seen by her peers. Today Victoria has the most important thing in life — her beloved husband and children. She teaches each of her kids to be gracious and good-natured, despite their status.

Victoria does not want anyone else to experience what she had to. So when Harper went to school, she told her to befriend any girl that she sees sitting alone on the playground. The model confesses that girls like that should never feel alone if Harper is around.

Angelina Jolie

As a child, Angelina was a bit of an odd one. She often wore all black, drew crosses on her notebooks and sometimes talked about death. Teachers and classmates did not understand that and considered her crazy, so they insisted that the student be transferred to a specialized class.

Jolie says that everyone at her school bullied her and thought she was a freak or a weirdo.

Kate Winslet

Kate was constantly bullied by peers: they called her ugly and said that it is time to lose weight, because at age 15, the future actress weighed 175 lb (80 kg). Classmates even beat the poor girl, and once locked her in a closet.

Winslet believes that kids at school knew she wanted to be an actress, so they called her fat and constantly teased and laughed at her. The reason for that, Kate thinks, is that she really was not pretty, and also had big feet.

Kate had to leave school, but she got into what she was really interested in — acting. It took her years to be able to get rid of all insecurities, which she got from her classmates, and finally came to love herself.

Tom Cruise

During his school years, Tom suffered from dyslexia — he could hardly read or write. For that, he got bullied a lot by his classmates, who called him "retarded."

Cruz admitted in one of the interviews that because he was always a new kid in a class with a different accent and ugly shoes, he was a constant target for bullies. According to his recollections, every time it happened, his heart was pounding like crazy and he was sweating a lot. And the worst thing was that he did not have a friend with whom he could talk to.

Tilda Swinton

Tilda was born into a wealthy and aristocratic British family. When she was ten years old, her parents sent her to boarding school in Kent, where she studied with Diana Spencer, the future Princess Diana and wife of Prince Charles.

It turned out that the time spent in this institution was the worst period in the life of the actress. She compared boarding school to a concentration camp, and considered the learning process to be child abuse.

Tilds believes that it is too cruel and evil a place to grow up in, and doubts the children benefit from that kind of education. According to her, kids just need parents and all the love they can give.

Quentin Tarantino

The talented and world-famous director did not even get a high school education, all because he always hated school. Quentin liked watching movies and analyzing the director's work more than spending time with textbooks and homework.

At 15, he had a serious talk with his mother, who gave him permission to leave the institution. Tarantino got a job as a usher in a movie theater, and later became a popular director.

He was never a fan of the American public education system in general. Running away in ninth grade, Quentin hated school, saying that it depressed him. And he is still a little proud of the fact that he achieved everything he did without even getting a high school education. He believes that it makes him smart, and makes an impression on other people.

Selena Gomez

Selena was a very quiet and reserved girl. The singer always sat in the back and preferred reading books rather than communicating with her classmates. For this reason, the kids bullied her a lot. In such situations Gomez was saved by her cousin, who was a popular girl in school.

Selena claims that the high school years were not the best time of her life, since it was when her self-esteem was at its lowest.