Castle's Stana Katic Wows Fans with Unrecognizable Makeup-Free Selfie

Castle's Stana Katic Wows Fans with Unrecognizable Makeup-Free Selfie
Image credit: Legion-Media

What's the fan-favorite actress up to?

Although she has a long filmography, Stana Katic gained her dedicated fan base thanks to the role of Kate Beckett on ABC's Castle.

During its eight-year run, the show told a compelling story of novelist Richard Castle, played by Nathan Fillion, and detective Kate Beckett, who solved a variety of unusual crimes together.

One of the main reasons why fans loved the series so much was the slow-burning romance between Fillion and Katic's characters, as they went from resentment to friendship to deep romantic feelings during the show's eight seasons.

Even though Castle ended seven years ago with some pretty big behind-the-scenes drama, fans still find it hard to stop watching and rewatching the show and want to follow the lives of its stars. Fortunately, Stana Katic is active on her Instagram account, keeping her 603K followers up to date and even communicating with them in the comments.

Recently, the actress wowed her fans with a makeup-free selfie taken next to a breathtaking view of California nature.

Never one to shy away from a makeup-free photo, the 44-year-old actress is radiant as ever, and many commenters noted that, although Stana looked different from what we usually see on screen, her wild look was still pleasing to the eye.

'Great view, both the nature and you,' a fan wrote in the comments.

The Castle star has been busy with her acting career since the show's cancellation, having starred in four movies and two series. The most recent of her projects is Amazon's Absentia, in which Katic plays the familiar role of special agent Emily Byrne, who finds herself in an impossible situation.

After disappearing for six years, Byrne is found barely alive and with no memory of those years. Both her personal life and her career are ruined, and things only get more complicated from there. The show received mixed reviews, but fans loved Katic's performance in it.

As for Stana Katic's personal life, everything seems to be great on that front too. Last year, it was reported that the actress gave birth to her first child with husband Kris Brkljač at the end of 2021, seven years after the couple tied the knot. Stana has chosen to keep any further information about her baby under wraps, instead sharing beautiful photos of nature and herself.